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Psychic Abilities?

#1 Posted on
11/10/2017 3:25:55 PM
by Madspiritp
Recently I have been digging deep into the world of psychic mediums and attempting to explore my own abilities. I have always felt different than others but I though I was just awkward... After having 3 vivid dreams featuring my recently deceased grandfather I knew something was up. I also was told by my mother that when my grandmother died when I was 3 i had some dreams that featured her. I started researching psychic mediums and reading blogs. After reading a few I realized that I could relate to MOST of what they were saying. I could never see spirits (that i know of) but I would frequently experience things like vivid dreams, dreams that would come true the next day, electronics glitching, decision making feelings and knowing the end of stories without being told. I have began to write all my dreams down in hopes that i am onto something and i have also started meditating with minimal validation. If i do have a gift why am i not developing and what can i do to develop it?

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