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I read a mind?

#1 Posted on
8/13/2018 3:44:10 PM
by He_who_sees
I'm very intuitive, and very empathetic. I get very strong feeling and energies. But never have I ever looked at someone and felt like I had truly read their mind. My girlfriend was drunk and we were sitting out on the porch, I was sitting on top of the railing. When I just looked at her and said "you just thought about pushing me off" (she gets random impulsive thoughts, she wouldn't actually do that lol) and her eyes got so wide. Ever since then, it's been stronger than before. I just need to know what to do, I guess. Should I learn how to use this in a healthy way, do some studying? Any random bits of advice for me? Thank you
#2 Posted on
10/21/2018 4:49:31 AM
by MoyaK
You’re very lucky, to have such strong intuition, I still have practically nothing, I don’t know how to train it. But anyhow, for your “ problem “ I’d say just keep it strong, make it stronger, it’s not a negative thing, it only matters about how you use it. If you use it for good purposes, then it’s a good energy, if you use it for negative purposes, then it’s negative energy. I don’t know if this is correct, I’m currently just going with the logical knowledge I have.
#3 Posted on
3/16/2019 12:15:35 PM
by Verbro_aFriend
I too have this ability. Strengthened it and practicalized it. It is, for me, sometimes as Psychic Empathy. At others as a receptional telepathy in the air, as i call it. In first case, the person should have some specific emotions. In second, it is not specific. How are your experiences now, btw?