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#1 Posted on
1/27/2019 10:21:41 AM
by Whomami
Hi all, I need some advice please and hopefully some of you will have more experience and understanding than I have. I have all my life had a sense of intuition where for example I would walk home from school and know my mum was angry with me but not why. I have had a few dreams that have come true and at times known things without knowing so to speak. I sometimes do a bit of healing on a work colleague and lately when I’m doing it I get what I can only describe as things popping into my head. I’ve told my colleague these things and they make sense to her. Lately the messages have been I suspect clearer or more direct so to speak. So yesterday I did heAling on her and got the message a baby boy is on the way in her family. Has anyone had these experiences? Am I supposed to somehow develop them? My mum has always said that all women in my family are witches but that she doesn’t want anything to do with it. If anyone can help that would be brilliant!!! Xxxx
#2 Posted on
5/25/2019 9:01:50 AM
by Bluerayn
Yes, it makes sense to me. I'm more in tune with animals it seems, but the closer in my feelings and the more I care about them. I can see enough about their past years and have help quite a few with the troubles they had because of abuse or being invaded for. You care about this person and the healing of her . The more you see, the better the healing will be, anyway that's how it is with my animals. And I've seen many different things, it's normal. Everything is going to be fine, believe in yourself and your Mother has the right to refuse, just do what is right for you and don't talk about these things around your Mother. My husband is just now coming around and we've been together 21 years now.