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3/31/2019 6:05:04 AM
by thelandofwaves666
my name is Aaron, but they call me Evil-A, or evil, for short. I am a 20 cycle old psi vampire, ( equivalent to roughly 219 human years) i was also born a natural witch, and a friend of the fay. Im here looking for others like me , and answers to some questions i have...and i am also seeking counsel from a powerful witch. I have been hideing underground for a long time, now i feel compelled to reveal myself. We could help (?) eachother, i could contribute my knowlage... And in return gain insight into the nature of myself Here are the 'powers' i have accumulated over the years. this is a List of my extra-sensory abilities, Each with accompanying attribute: (witch)= from being a natural witch) (psi) = my vampyric gifts, most of which revolve around sound waves, and sound manipulation) (fairey-gift:) .. These attributes where given to me by the fairies, many of whose spirits now reside within this body.) Firstly, the most important of all the powers listed here: Clair-auido( remote-hearing)(intuitive hearing) This is the ability to perceive sounds or words and extrasensory noise from sources broadcasting from the spiritual or ethereal realm. These tones exist beyond the reach of others rational human senses. I can hear: - sounds made by a person’s body - sounds made by living things - sounds made by nature - sounds made by man-made things - sounds made by interactions of the above - ethereal sounds like voices of the dead, specters, spirits, fairies, ghosts, djinn, or mystic music -sounds created by others thoughts -peoples subconcious (this is my most powerful ability. My sense of hearing is like that of a bat. I can hear through walls, i can listen to people from long distances. My hearing is so powerful i can hear peoples thoughts, and even listen to their dreams. I can listen to the ether, to spirits, ..And so much else. ThEre are so many sounds flying around, its hard to keep track of it all. "Mind reading" ( listening to peoples thoughts)(psi) Dream-infiltration(psi) Enhanced speed and strength(psi) Increased durability/toughness(fairey-gift) Illusion-casting(psi) Sound-manipulation (fairey-gift) Delayed ageing(witch/psi) Animal communication(witch) Spirit communication, in addition to ( the fay, the lunites,(moon people) djinn, elementals, and human ghosts)(witch) (continued)... And even Music Master S. ( satan, lucifer, little-horn, you know who im talking abOut. THE origional music-master himself (he sometimes makes an appearance) Channeling (witch) Thought-casting(psi) Astral-planing (witch) Glamour ( aka fay illusion, usually to beautify themselves(in this case, me) and hide their true form) this was gifted to be by the fairies. Ehanced healing(psi) Night-vision(psi/witch) Day-walk (fay) ( this trait, a vary important gift, was aquired by breathing the breath of a fairey. Some legends say that the fay blood is needed for this, but this is untrue. All that was needed was one breath.(of a true , full-blooded fay) Healing-magic (psi/witch) ( this uses sound vibrations and sound-manipulation to heal) luck of the fay( fairey-gift) ...Its self explainitory... Im lucky as fuck. cosmic-awareness (becoming one with the universe in mind and body) (fairey-gift) energy-perception (to see the energy around you) Dimensional-manipulation ( drawing energy from other dimensions, planeing-through/to anothet dimension) Delayed ageing, semi-immortality, immortality: (i have delayed ageing , both as a powerful natural witch, a psychic-vampire, as well as from being fairey-friend.) confusion-inducement (fairey -gift) Im sure theyre are other abilities that i havent heard of, or seen, or have yet to develope... Of those i have no knowlage. im wondering... Is there another like me who posses these gifts? I have never in my life met another who possed even two or three of the powers on the list, let alone all of them.

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