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Am I awakening?

#1 Posted on
4/7/2019 1:17:54 PM
by DesiNoel05
Hello new friends, I am 32 years old. Ever since I can remember I’ve been very interested in the paranormal. Growing up, my home was very active. Now as an adult I have begun to experience things over the past month or so that are hard to explain. It all began when I started dating my now boyfriend at the end of January. I had worked with him for over a year, and although we never talked at work, I “just knew” he had a thing for me. And I was right. In fact I was able to pinpoint the exact moment that he started having feelings for me. I explained it to him, and he seemed floored that I was so aware of how he felt when we barely had exchanged more than a sentence or two. I got vibes from him when we started talking that were very intense and very, honest? Genuine feeling? It’s almost as though I immediately imprinted on him. As we spent more time together I began to pick up on things. I pulled his grandmothers name out of thin air. Then his grandfather’s middle name, which he went by. He made a joke about not looking in a certain cupboard, and without even thinking I joked, “are you afraid I’ll find your gag ball in there?” His face went pale and he was so confused as to how I knew. I was just as perplexed. More little things started happening, like he said he did “a bad thing” and I somehow knew he had bought cheesecake and ate it all. I finish his sentences sometimes, or come up with exactly the word he can’t find. Now that we’ve been together for a few months, this thing has begun where when we hug, I feel this surging of energy coming out from the center of my chest, and it seems to cycle through him and then back into me. It feels like static and vibration, it’s hard to explain. We spent a week together, and I had to leave on Friday and won’t see him for a week now. We were both pretty sad to part. Then today, he came home from work and found all of his downstairs bedroom and closet doors (that he always leaves shut and latched) wide open. There is no explanation for it. The past few nights there I also thought I heard footsteps in the house but he didn’t hear them. My daughter also told me that she was sick on the bus on Thursday, she said her head hurt really bad and it made her vomit. I woke up that same morning, a county away, with a migraine and almost vomited. Also, today I took a video of my dog and there was strange mist and orbs around us. I’m just so confused as to what is going on! I’ve been meditating lately to handle stress, and working on focusing on my various chakras. Is this opening me up or something? Is there anything I should do to protect myself, or to aid in my spiritual growth? Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
#2 Posted on
5/11/2019 9:43:31 AM
by JujuEater28
Hey hey, I noticed that no one has replied to your post and I am in the same part of the 'process' of you, so it seems. I just wanted to say you're not alone and yes, I would say you are 100000% awakening! I just did a post on eating peoples negative energies and I think that we all have our special niches in the realm of psychic abilities and in dealing with 'supernatural' things. It sounds like you may have some physical empathic abilities which you may want to look into protecting yourself from. A medium told me that every night or day at some point I should "suck in my aura" and "close my chakras", to which my first reaction was "But then I might miss something!!!". The excitement of first stumbling into all of this, am I right?? But his point was solid. It's not our job necessarily to take this energy from people and though it feels natural to help others we need to protect ourselves! So, I was very gung-ho about learning more and learning fast, but I've slowed down on opening my third eye a bit and focused more on protection, as I now see I was sort of trying to bypass or skip that step. Anyway, I hope this is heplful even though I am not a seasoned medium or anything. Add me on IG if you want! is my handle and I'd love to connect/share tips as we grow! Lolo