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Ability to predict timers

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4/18/2019 7:47:12 PM
by BarryB
I have the odd ability to set a timer (microwave, etc) and "know" when it's going to go off. I've tested it 20 times over a two week period and I'm able to do it fairly consistently at 14/20 times. It seems to work best when I am distracted (tv, conversation) after I set the timer. It's like a tickle inside when the time is almost up, allowing me to get up and walk towards whatever is being timed, arriving at the spot as the timer goes off. Times don't have to be standard, meaning 4 mins works as well as 6 mins 17 secs. Testing was done with a stove timer, a microwave timer and an egg timer. Does anyone have a name for this ability? I'm thinking it can be explained away as an exceptional internal clock, but I can't seem to find an actual name for it.

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