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Spirits talking to me, made PSI attacks in hospital

#1 Posted on
4/30/2019 1:27:56 PM
by Goodness22
I heard spirits, a strange man that I believe was Satan led me to a basement and stated that was what I get for ignoring him. I ran away. A voodoo woman tried to lead me to a hooded young man, I made doctors dizzy with PSI attacks, and numbers disappeared from a digital screen. These are only a few strange things that happened in one day. I wasnt on drugs and Im not schizophrenic. A nurse yelled at me and made me redirect my energy through my body and I felt electricity in my index finger. Some security guards with their eyes wobbled and red called me a monkey after. I cant believe this is real. What is going on? Im a logical person and am having a hard time accepting this. Someone guide me please.
#2 Posted on
5/12/2019 2:16:42 AM
by mywings_arereal
hey, thought id add my experiences to make you feel better. for starters, try to avoid calling your self crazy, because your not. spirits, angels, guides animals, and the ones in the shadows do contact people and ive gone through some things that sound similar to your story. i know its hard to grasp, but hang in there, when it first happened to me i ran, until i worked up the courage to deal with it, and try a little bit of communicating with the being, it also helps to be as understanding as possible, but remember you are protected in their world, your spirit guides and guardians are there to guide you, all you have to do is ask them. Sometimes places like hospitals and crowded places have a build up of energy, so it can at times become a place where spirits gather. some of the threatening ones that will talk to you and put you down, are feeding from your reaction, without fear and confusion, they pretty much dont exist, in saying that, some of them get bored and like to play around even if they are trying to scare you. you name it, ive seen it and live with beings around me all the time, they will reach out to people that are intuitive and can actually be contacted, if you think of it from their side, sometimes they might not get an opportunity to contact humans much at all so when they see us as being "aware" of their presence, they wanna have a chat. and most of them can actually talk, they rely on energy that has already manifested. can i ask when this first started happening, do you use drugs? used Ouija boards or anything like that before? and again, your not crazy, i can help if your willing to share your story, take care. Adam.