Seeing things I’ve never seen before

#1 Posted on
7/26/2019 9:11:38 PM
by FeelingCrazy(literally)
Every night at the same time I wake up, around 3:30 give or take 30 minutes one way or the other. I’ve seen deceased loved ones, people I don’t know, shadow figures, animals and insects, I’ve seen in what I can best describe as glowing hieroglyphics and math like equations. I’m very sensitive to others energies, but nothing ever like this before. I’ve had loved ones come to me in dreams, but this is with my eyes open and fully awake and I’ve woke up my mom and told her that I can still see the writings. It’s gotten to the point that I turn on my bedside light and close my eyes tightly and try to go back to sleep. I’ve told my husband and doesn’t understand and it seems like it’s a joke to him because when he sees my light on in the morning and says “I see you had company last night”. I’m lost and sleep deprived please I pray that someone can please help.
#2 Posted on
7/27/2019 5:33:51 PM
by Gere
Spirits are just bothering you for fun.