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Feeling thick energy in physical ways

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11/5/2019 2:44:05 PM
by Mothington
I’m not quite sure if this post would be best in paranormal or here. In a nutshell, I’ve become way more sensitive to energy lately. All kinds, emotional energy, heat radiation, light radiation, etc. I’ve started feeling it in physical ways hitting the outside of my body. It generally doesn’t effect my emotional state anymore. I’m getting used to it. But I have noticed something off in my house. It doesn’t happen always or every day. But when it comes it stays for a few hours at least. It’s generally in the room where I create art in. It has spread up to my bedroom though. I did recently move art up there. It’s pretty dark work. It’s emotionally driven at least. Some people think I have energy attached to it. I’m a skeptic at heart so I try to rule other sources out but I’m stumped. I’d have thought it was all in my head but my son has noticed it too and he confirms the feelings every time without me asking any questions to influence his answers. He can sense what room it’s in and it’s intensity. Sometimes I ask him when I don’t feel anything and he says he doesn’t feel anything either so I know he’s being honest. It’s a pressure in the air. It feels staticky. If it’s happening I could easily get “stuck” where I am and not move no matter how uncomfortable it is. If I move it takes a bit more effort than usual and feels like I’m breaking a current that’s going through my body. I feel the feeling mostly in my head and chest. My son only feels it in his shoulders. I’ve had others come into my house while it’s happening and no one else feels it. Except my dad but he could only remark after being inside for about an hour that it felt slightly harder to take shallow breaths in the rooms where I’m most sensitive to it. Any thoughts of what’s happening or ideas to help??? It’s such an unpleasant feeling. I turned off the circuit breaker in my house for a while to see if it’d make it stop and it didn’t. I’ve opened windows. I’ve looked for answers in every other way. It’s happening more and more frequently and to a greater extent each time. I’ve noticed similar feelings at my work recently too. Not like the ones at the house but so similar. Like slight variations of the same color. I know I’m becoming more sensitive to things. I just don’t know what I’m feeling these days with this. I was really hoping someone could share similar experiences with me and help me understand it and how to make it better.

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