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Famous Psychic Rosemary Price

#1 Posted on
1/18/2020 3:00:30 PM
by wiserlady
Love this forum, but what do you call a person who is a famous psychic and how famous do they have to be to be featured here? Yes you have the really famous ones from years ago such as Doris Stokes, Edgar Cayce and many others, but there are modern ones who are just as famous in their own way. Rosemary Price the psychic medium has been helping people for more than forty years with her accurate psychic readings, tarot readings, numerology by phone and email, she has been offered a lot of work on stage and often been praised by the newspapers and magazines. Compared to others of the modern day she is very famous. It does not follow that she has to accept the touring work or write lots of books, merely being available to help clients Worldwide every day and being sought after by celebrities should be enough. Rosemary Price the psychic medium is still working, so far as I know, and still full time, when many others would have lost interest and retired altogether. She is totally dedicated. One of the reasons people decide on which clairvoyant to consult is because they value honesty, experience and compassion, and she offers all of those, many do not. Rosemary Price the psychic medium is sadly going to disappear one day, but not right now thank goodness. I have consulted her twice, I would never hesitate to return to her, she is far better than any of the others I consulted before. The only gripe I have is that I need to tolerate it being phone and email readings because I live too far from her to go to her and she will not do private sittings face to face anymore. Rosemary Price the psychic medium is very good at both phone and email but I preferred it when I went to see her personally and found her so nice, so very nice.

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