Full Moon

#1 Posted on
4/17/2009 2:03:40 PM
by Bonnie
I noticed that Lilith spoke about the new moon, so I thought that I might address the full moon. Some people believe that the energy of the full moon is only for letting go. It certainly serves that purpose well, but I also think that because the energy of the moon (mother/maiden/crone) is highest at the full moon, that using it to further projects is also approariate. What do you all think?
#2 Posted on
4/19/2009 6:54:12 AM
by Marcey
The full moon scares me a little. It is beautiful to look at, but I read all the time about things happenng during a full moon.
#3 Posted on
4/22/2009 1:26:54 PM
by Peanut
Actually I feel the opposite about a full moon. I know that it's associated with werewolves and strange happenings but when the moon is full, I don't have to put on my outdoor lights, it's always a beautiful night for me and I always try to take a walk. I don't particularly like the dark so these nights are usually my best.
#4 Posted on
4/26/2009 7:50:27 AM
by Lilith
Peanut - I like being out in the full moon also. Just enough light to walk around in - so like candlelight. :) I am an avid mystery reader, and the bad guys always avoid the full moon - because they can be seen! ;-)
#5 Posted on
4/28/2009 1:29:33 PM
by benj
I know I've read somewhere that the ERs are always busiest on the full moon, more babies are born, more "stuff" happens in general. Anyone know anything about this? Seems like it would be way too coincidental if this happened over and over. But what is it about the moon that would cause increased activity (or unusual occurrences) when the moon is full, as opposed to 90% full. Is it gravity?
#6 Posted on
4/28/2009 4:45:05 PM
by mariposa
I agree that the full moon is beautiful to look at. However, I always notice that if I am particularly moody or emotional, or others are behaving a bit oddly, it usually turns out to be a full moon. I will say to myself "Oh, that makes sense. No wonder..." Why is that?! I know I was born during a full moon and an astrologer once told me that those born under a full moon are more affected by it. Does anyone know if this is true?
#7 Posted on
4/29/2009 1:37:07 PM
by Peanut
Yep, according to what I’ve been told it’s gravity that’s causing it. I was told that both the earth and the human body is 80% water and given the moon’s gravitational effect upon the ocean tide it is reasonable to assume that the moon also affects humans in the same way. I also heard that the light of the moon affects fertility in women the way it does in corals.
#8 Posted on
4/29/2009 7:03:50 PM
by mariposa
How does the moon affect coral?
#9 Posted on
4/30/2009 9:53:10 AM
by Peanut
It’s not that it’s just the moon that affects the coral. Corals require specific light intensity to spawn more. Sun light, twilight and moon light affects them. So during full moon the light intensity is greater (sunlight + daylight + moonlight) almost continuous light, so spawning is greater during that period.