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Famous Beth Shepherd Psychic

#1 Posted on
2/13/2020 5:45:31 AM
by wiserlady
Never in a million years did I expect to be able to consult a famous psychic but here I am, glad to have been able to phone and speak to the famous Beth Shepherd psychic. She is a terrific lady and this is not because she is attractive, yes she is, see her photos and I have met her and she is gorgeous, but the whole purpose of me going to see her was to find out if me and my partner would get back together. My partner Julie had had a hissy fit over me flirting with a waitress at a bar and I wanted it to be sorted out so that we could be happy together again. One of the troubles with my Julie is that she gets possessive and jealous and over reacts to stuff! She thinks I need to be forgiven for flirting, No, do not think so, flirting is ok, and I will carry on doing it. Beth Shepherd psychic told me that I would be soon able to get back with her but the flirting is not really the problem, it is Julie's lack of being secure in herself that causes it. She needs to be more trusting with me, so she is as much to blame as I am.

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