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Famous Rosemary Price Psychic

#1 Posted on
2/13/2020 5:49:27 AM
by wiserlady
Been saving up and been able to have a real good reading with famous Rosemary Price psychic! So helpful. She knew that I was with a man called Sanjay and unsure about whether or not to stay with him. How on earth did she know that? She knew it all. Very helpful. She also knew about my work and career issues and helped me sort those out. She is an amazing lady, very insightful and caring. The only thing I am still worried about is my dad's health, and she does not do health readings. Never mind. She did see that my dad would not get worse and would still be around for a long time. Which is great news. One of the things I worry about when I consult someone is this stuff about people just telling you what you want to hear. My friend Sheila went to see someone on the pier, she said she was worried about something, the pier lady told her it would all be ok, but it all turned out terrible and the pier lady had got it wrong or was just telling her what she wanted to hear. I went to Rosemary Price because I wanted to be sure she was being honest and knew and she did.

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