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Accurate Readings

#1 Posted on
2/16/2020 5:32:00 PM
by wiserlady
Some of my friends make a big song and dance about paying for psychic readings. Either moaning that they cost too much or even saying that the clairvoyant should share their gift and do it all for free. Well, I think that is ridiculous. I often paint portraits of people, it takes a lot of time and concentration, if I did not get paid when I did it then I would be too busy working somewhere else and being paid to be there instead, I would not be able to afford painting people for hours each week for free, I would starve. The thing that matters the most to me is how accurate readings are, not how cheap they are. I would much rather pay more for a good one. The last lady I consulted, Beth Shepherd psychic, gave me a superb reading and I was happy to pay her more because it was so good.

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