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How to Explain my Situation to a Psychic

#1 Posted on
6/15/2020 9:48:38 PM
by MoxieMoon
Hi all! So I'm on a bit of an interesting, unique spiritual journey. I'm on a search for someone who I've been dreaming of for just over 10 years now, and who I believe may actually be physical on this plane of existence. Not only am I looking for answers about him, but answers for how I can break my dry spell on being able to 'summon' him into my dreamscape, as well as bringing myself to him. I don't know if he's physical on this plane, if he was at one point and is dead now, if he's a soul mate, if he's a spiritual guide, if he's never been incarnated, or just not reincarnated in this life, etc. The only solid fact I have is that he is real. He's the one who taught me how to lucid dream, and he actually coaxed me out of my body into the astral realm, and into another person's subconscious. I recently have tried calling out to my dreamscape while lucid to bring him into my subconscious, as well as trying to meditate within the lucid dream to bring myself to his subconscious (which has worked before!), however, unsuccessfully. I also recently went to a psychic last week and asked about him, and she said he was a Guardian Angel, and did some kind of automatic writing that was supposedly him. However, I don't think Guardian Angels have romantic/intimate moments with their guardianee. Also, the way the words were spoken by the supposed spirit in question that she was using automatic writing on, did not in any way sound like the person I am trying to find. Also, another psychic that works at the same shop, on a different occasion, said that he was 'some sort of soul mate' or 'spiritual guide', and said he has dark brown hair, which is dead wrong. I also asked the first psychic that was doing the channeling/automatic writing, if 'M' (we'll call him) could recount our astral experience together, in which she said he only asked "Why?", as in, why did he have to recount our experience together, which does not sound like 'M' at all. So, my question is, how do I explain my situation to a psychic without giving away too much information? I am not trying to invalidate any psychic's abilities, but only validate my own experiences so I can move forward with finding this person, whether they are physical or not. I'm sorry I know this may be confusing, and I'll answer any questions you have. Thanks in advance!

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