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Okay I need some help please.

#1 Posted on
6/19/2020 11:05:02 PM
by Randomnessgeekette
So the majority of my family is very in tune with our...psyphic abilities?...wording is not my specialty. Unfortunately my brother and I are not very good with it yet, and we are both very open. I need help with figuring out a way to send a clear no negativity out if that makes sense? I've been told that a Crystal grid works, and I know salt works. But there's a spirit of a little girl that I don't want to kick out and the little white cat's a sweetheart. But there's one that's strong enough to see their feet in the carpet, move the string on the blinds and catch it at around a 45 degree angle, and when they touch my brother he says it's like a chunk of ice touching him. And them touching me sets of the hair on my head. I get a sense of MINE when I go near my brother's room but not in a gonna hurt him, but a .....I can't think of the words, but my brother does NOT like it at all.
#2 Posted on
6/19/2020 11:06:54 PM
by Randomnessgeekette
Also, the presence refuses to allow themselves to be seen. Like I can see the little girl sometimes, when she feels too lonely. But this person, none of us has seen them.
#3 Posted on
6/19/2020 11:30:30 PM
by Randomnessgeekette
I'm familiar with a lot but this is a new and complicated situation. Cut-n-dry? No problem. This? IDK what to do.
#4 Posted on
6/22/2020 10:45:41 PM
by Janus
Hi, Firstly have you learnt to close , there are some simple techniques, I like to use the the lotus flower method, just simply envisioning myself in the centre of a large lotus flower and seeing the lotus leaves close around me , all the while chanting a mantra dispelling negative energy and asking for only the highest loving energies to remain and protect me, you have to have a firm attitude to this , totally trusting in your ability to dispel negativity, you say that you want to keep certain energies around you, but until you are more developed it’s probably better to close completely , the more you work at this the stronger your control becomes, until in the end you can close and open at will , hope this helps .