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Photographs in house changed before my eyes

#1 Posted on
8/16/2020 4:31:34 PM
by Kazen
Hi there, new to the forum. Recently moved out of my mom and dad's. I was panicking about COVID-19 & about being death threatened by a harassing group, who may have been satanists. During the month where I hardly slept due to stress and fear of being killed, I went for a walk one afternoon around the neighborhood, in attempts to calm my nerves. I returned home and began chain smoking cigarettes next to my parent's pool, as my dad was out back grilling. I went to take a drag from my fag, and saw two scars from cuts simultaneously begin to form, albeit slowly, on my hand. The outside of the cutmark scars were slightly darker than my skin color, and in horror, I watched them slowly grow longer. I ran to my dad, heart racing, and told him to look at my hand, cut marks are appearing. He looked at my hand for quarter a second, didn't really analyze, then said "I don't see anything.". I suppose it is because they weren't "cuts", and they were "scars of cuts", I didn't have time to think about proper word selection at the time. Thankfully, the cut scars stopped developing after I showed him, and it hasn't happened since. I have attempted to provoke the force that caused this to do it again, intrigued. I still have those scars. I went inside to brush my teeth. Mind you, I brush often and am a healthy individual, flossing regularly. I went to brush, and my gums began to bleed. I was spitting an unusual amount of blood out. Worried, I inspected my gums closer, and looked in my eyes. The moment I began to look in my own eyes, I my veins began to become more red, irritated, and bloodshot. It was like how I looked at my hand when going to take a drag of the cigarette, an immediate reaction that occurred slowly. I looked like I was dying. I thought I might be killed by a paranormal force in front of the mirror. I walked out of the bathroom, frightened, and just kept brushing. It was only that day my gums had bled in several years. The timing of the cut scars and the bleeding gums/bloodshot eyes was odd. I didn't notice anything else significant happening that day. I think the photographs I will tell you about began to change before my eyes a few days after the cut scars/bleeding gums/bloodshot eyes (I think). Mind you, these are not digital frames. These are classes photographs that have been developed. I had been pacing the house, reflecting, worrying and thinking. I was sadly admiring a photo of my mother, a Marine, when she was a toddler, and of her father, who passed away when she was quite young, on her birthday. They were both in the snow in front of their country house. He was holding her up, and there were 3 snowmen around them. One with a yellow hat, one with a red scarf, and one hiding behind my grandfather. I never noticed the third snowman until after the picture had begun to change. I was starring at the picture, and my mother's red gloves slowly began to develop a light blur over them. It looked like someone was using the brighten tool in photoshop to make the gloves have white blurs over them. What else does one do, except keep staring? The light blur began to develop on just one glove at first. I walked away. What did I just see? I came back later. The gloves began to change again, the white blur LESSENING on the one hand, and beginning to develop on the other hand, as if the blur was transferring to the other hand to "even itself out." I didn't know what to think of it. I was furious, scared, and confused. How dare something alter a picture of my mother and my grandfather, it is an oldschool photograph from the late 1960s. I noticed the picture seemed to develop a slightly different film over it instantly in less than a second, then it stopped changing. I didn't want to watch this happen anymore. The fact the picture began to change again ONLY after I had come back to analyze it again makes me think whatever force did this WANTED me to watch the change. Another photograph changed, as well. It is a framed photo of my cousin when she is around 5 years old. She is wearing a long dress at night and it's around Christmas time. She has a big smile. Bubbles began to form out of nowhere on to the top of her head. Again, I stared, and watched bubbles form more and more in other places, becoming more pronounced upon her head, then later forming on her nose. When this picture changed, I knew I could go to Facebook to see if the same picture was posted by my uncle, my cousin's dad. I went on Facebook, found the picture, and the picture had bubbles. Hm. The photograph in our house didn't have bubbles, I watched the bubbles form, and then on Facebook the picture he posted has bubbles. No other photographs have had this change occur. I am reluctant to return to my mother and father's house. (I am moving to Orlando soon and have to get my belongings, so I have to.) I am very reluctant to look at family pictures. I wonder if time travel/timeline alteration has something to do with this. I have no explanation. I have tried to look up altered timelines, photographs changing before people's eyes, to no avail. I must add, I also watched a yellow cat-shaped eraser develop an eraser mark on it's tail, I watched a picture my cousin had drawn slowly develop tiny additions in pencil (such as eyelashes being added on to an anime girl she drew.) This collection of events tests my memory. If I weren't so keen on details and observant, I might have never noticed. Please share your thoughts, questions, and experiences. Thank you for reading. I appreciate your time.
#2 Posted on
8/16/2020 6:25:39 PM
by Kazen
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *****I forgot to mention, I used my GoPro to record the picture of my mom's photo and of ALL photos in the house just in case they changed too, to try and capture evidence of what I witnessed. I have 3 SD cards. A 32 GB, 64 GB, and a 256 GB. My 32 GB is the only one that still works, I cannot get my 64 GB or 256 GB to read on my laptop or GoPro anymore. The contact points are not damaged, can't access data at all. Definitely don't want to format and lose the data. The video was captured on my 256 GB.