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#1 Posted on
8/16/2020 4:49:22 PM
by Kazen
Hi there, new to the form. I believe I am a clairsentient. I sense energies that communicate concepts to me, I have trained my body to understand specific locations to represent specific topics of communication "left ankle means question", "right upper toenail sensation means up", "back left shoulder blade means enemy", etc. I began to notice strange, foreign, unusual energy/buzzing/stimulation in different locations of my body in January. I wondered, "What if that means something? What if I can train my body to make this mean something?" During a month of extreme panic a few months ago, I was death threatened by what I think might have been a group of satanists. I could barely rest, I was quite deprived of sleep. While I layed in my bed with eyes closed, one day images began to appear, like light on a screen. I saw people, of many ethnicities and of both genders, facing me with light. They were morphing in to one another, and were illuminated in light with a black background. Their faces were normal/standard, not smiling and not frowning. Their faces and details were clear to me. After seeing several different looking people change into one another in the same spot, a female statue that looked Roman or Greek appeared. The statue was in red light, and the statue was alive, and she was smiling. Her classic attire and facial expressions were seen clearly by me. I also saw the silhouette of what I think was a male with short/medium hair length. I couldn't see his face. I think he was only wearing an open robe. My sight shifted downwards, slowly, from his head and shoulders, and moved downwards towards his crotch region. I saw the darkness of what looked like a black robe, and as my vision transitioned downward and was finally in front of where his crotch would be, I saw no penis. My vision then shifted to the right, only to see a waning crescent moon outside what seemed to be a window frame. I don't know if these visions mean anything. I have asked my body, the elements, whatever it was, to allow me to have visions once again. It hasn't happened since. I suppose being in a state of panic AND/OR being sleep deprived is what allowed me to see them? I am kind of fearful of waning crescents now. I fear the visions will mean something. Thank you for reading, I appreciate you taking the time. Please post your thoughts, questions, and personal experiences.
#2 Posted on
8/16/2020 7:03:35 PM
by Kazen
Here are pictures of the clairsentient (sensing with physical feeling) decoding locations I have allocated to my body: