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Evergreen mother silhouette

#1 Posted on
10/1/2020 6:47:54 AM
by ReneeVal
I had a visitor come to visit me. Whoever it is used a simple house hold item to grab my attention and implement moving of this item to answer yes or no questions. I wasnt able to get the main idea why this visitor came. However what keeps sticking me with me is the visualization of a evergreen figure with the outline of someone pregnant. I'm not sure how to interpret & to reconnect with my visitor to obtain the sole reason of the visit. Any insight of ideas?
#2 Posted on
10/1/2020 4:25:17 PM
by Chess
It's possible no interpretation of your vision is necessary. Having your yes or no questions answered might be the significant factor. If you need to reconnect, try focusing your attention on that household item you mentioned. You could also, very gently try stroking it with the outside of your knuckles.