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Need help with my abilities

#1 Posted on
10/23/2020 10:06:39 PM
by Jacobw888
Hello, my name is Jacob, I am 25 and have know of my abilities for quite some time now (since I was 14). Lately I have had some odd thing happening that I would like some advice or help with. I belive myself to be a telepath, and lately I have been receiving visions of people in extreme danger needing help, things like people being kidnapped, people being tortured to death, or committing suicide. It has been becoming unbearable as its usually when I do my nightly meditations. Most of the time I am able to at least remotely view where they are and I happen to find someone who can help (local psychics to them) however they have becoming more and more frequent, as in 3-4 a day and I cannot find the time to help them all. Any advice or knowledge will help. I believe some of these people are still alive, mostly the ones who have been kidnapped, others have already passed away. For the ones who pass I can guide them to the otherwise fairly easily peacefully. But for the ones who are still alive I cannot do anything but ask for help.
#2 Posted on
11/9/2020 1:48:11 AM
by KarinaC
Jacob, you need to block this. Only allow yourself to open when you want to use your ability. I use meditation to visualize an impenetrable wall that keeps in my case people's emotions out. You can do the same. Do it regularly. Even several times a day if necessary. Eventually you won't need to do that. I haven't had to do it in 16 years it has just became a part of me. I firmly believe meditation and visualization and intent will solve a lot or gain stronger abilities. If I were you, I would close the door on random information coming into you. If there is nothing you can do, then don't torture yourself by seeing such horrible things. Just my opinion.