Mercury Retrograde May 8, 2009

#1 Posted on
4/28/2009 5:08:40 PM
by mariposa
I read that Mercury retrograde begins May 8. Yikes! Any insights or words of advice?
#2 Posted on
5/6/2009 8:24:48 AM
by Bonnie
Mariposa - Mercury retrogrades are a trial, this is true, but they can only affect us to the point that we allow them to. Basically, we have to be very aware of communications - that we are getting our points across to others, and that we are understanding what others are communicating to us. Always stop and ask for verification what you think has been said before responding to someone during a Mercury retrograde. Written communications have to be paid attention to during a Mercury retrograde also. If you can avoid signing any kind of contract during this time, it would be good to do so. This is also a time when you want to take all precautions when traveling. As long as we are aware, Mercury retrogrades can become just another part of life. :)
#3 Posted on
5/6/2009 8:40:58 AM
by benj
Bonnie, can you elaborate on the travel part, what if you had something planned before the Retrograde period, would you still be extra cautious? I have a trip planned. Also, is there any "upside" to Mercury Retrograde? For example, is it a good time to do certain things, or in general a time to lay low and be extra careful about communications and technology? Thx, benj
#4 Posted on
5/6/2009 9:04:05 PM
by mariposa
Thanks for the explanation Bonnie. I have heard that this is also a time that can bring up unresolved issues that we may need to work through. Is there any merit to this or is it just a myth. Also, is Mercury retrograde affected by the planet we are in -- for example right now it is Taurus?
#5 Posted on
5/6/2009 9:07:56 PM
by mariposa
One more thing...It just "clicked" that there is something wrong with my email server. And it began yesterday!!! I am laughing about the timing of it all because there is no explanation for it whatsoever. I am able to receive emails, but only some of my emails will not send. What does it all mean?
#6 Posted on
5/8/2009 10:27:17 AM
by Peanut
Well, I emailed a few people and they seemed not to have gotten my emails, so I had to do it again and the 2nd time it worked. Not sure if I did something wrong or something quirky happened. Hmmm... The article said communication is a problem during this time.
#7 Posted on
5/8/2009 12:38:25 PM
by benj
I've been having a few mishaps with technology and communications too. Wires getting crossed, unusual glitches, etc. I'm definitely staying away from contracts!
#8 Posted on
5/11/2009 2:26:51 PM
by phyll
All the phones in our office were down on Friday. When you dial the numbers you got a busy signal. There was no reason for it and it took a while to get them working again. It's pretty frustrating when things like this happen, but I try to maintain my cool
#9 Posted on
5/11/2009 4:17:33 PM
by Bonnie
Benj - I would advise you to continue with plans that you have already made for travel. All you need to do is double check all travel plans (reservations etc), if you are going by car, have your vehicle checked, and check the roads that you will be traveling on, to make sure they are not closed. Also, make sure that you and anyone traveling with you are all on the same page! As far as upsides to a Mercury retrograde, yes, there is one. Life is slowed down, so we have the time to deal with whatever issues come up. Mariposa, you asked about unresolved issues. Yes, this is something that a Mercury retrograde addresses. They tend to occur in the area of life addressed by the sign that the retrograde is in. For Taurus, t hat would be relationship. E-mail servers are such a joy during a retrograde, aren't they! ;-) They drop e-mail, deliver it twice, send it out before we want it to - little gremlins get into the software and have such a great time! Then we have to undo the mess! We need to not place blame here (even on the errant server), and be willing to spend the time to correct whatever has gone wrong. Please don't feel as if you as an individual have somehow done something wrong - that is not so. It is just the energy of the time we are in. Peanut, it sounds as if you have experienced this too. Know that you did nothing wrong. Benj - Staying away from signing contracts is a great idea! If signing is unavoidable, then go through the darn thing line by line. A pain staking procedure, but necessary. Phyll, phones, falling under comunications and mechanical devices, are also prone to fits of frenzy during retrogrades. We make thigns worse when we try too hard to fix them. We can try one time, then call in the big guns - and allow them to take all the time they need to make a fix that will last. More than likely they will not know what went wrong either - but they will have fixed it. :) Great input, Ladies & Gentlemen!
#10 Posted on
5/29/2009 10:18:48 AM
by Ken
Mercury retrograde ends tomorrow..yeah!! I for one am very happy since it seems my life has been on hold this past weeks.
#11 Posted on
5/30/2009 9:03:30 AM
by mariposa
Yeah! Today is the last day of Mercury Retrograde!
#12 Posted on
6/1/2009 4:20:12 AM
by Dani
I may have been very lucky, because this Mercury retrograde did not affect me all that much. I make sure that I know when they are happening, and try to be vigilant about my communications, but I also don't want to give them too much ppwer in my life. Dani