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#1 Posted on
5/6/2009 8:48:44 AM
by benj
Great recap of this week's Medium over in the Advisor Blogs by Lillith. Really well-written recap of one of the best shows on TV. I hope this becomes a regular thing on the site.
#2 Posted on
5/11/2009 5:16:12 PM
by Bonnie
I love Medium too! Sometimes it is ... well, all too real. We see how real lives are affected, and that is not always an easy thing to watch. I want things to always come out "right", and "right" often takes a different form than I think it should! LOL
#3 Posted on
5/20/2009 2:47:55 PM
by phyll
Yesterday I thought I heard that Medium wasn't in the NBC fall line up. If that's the case, that would be terrible. Did anyone hear that? I hope I heard wrong.
#4 Posted on
6/1/2009 4:37:14 AM
by Dani
The final show for the season is tonight - I hope that it is continued for next season! Dani
#5 Posted on
6/17/2009 2:36:02 PM
by Marcey
The way the season finale went, it does look as if the show is going to be brought back. I just found something really cool in one of my book club circulars - Allison DuBois (the woman that the series is based on) has a new book out - "Secrets of the Monarch". She talks about the secrets that she has received fromt he spirit world on living a better life and shaping a legacy for future generations. I have to have this one! Marcey
#6 Posted on
6/27/2009 11:04:28 AM
by Lilith
Medium is going to be continued next season - it is moving to CBS! Lilith