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America's Psychic Challenge

#1 Posted on
5/6/2009 4:22:36 PM
by mariposa
America's Psychic Challenge is a great show on Lifetime by the producers of The Real World. It is a competition with 16 clairvoyants who battle it out for the coveted title of America's #1 Psychic. Contestants prove their abilities by participating in tests like searching for a man hidden in a hospital, doing a reading for someone without knowing their identity, precisely identifying specific details of an investigation at a murder scene and much more. It all leads to the season finale, where one winner is declared. The psychics are great and it's interesting to see that each has different strengths. The first season is available to view on I wish they would bring this show back!
#2 Posted on
5/8/2009 12:53:12 PM
by apple
If they were truly psychic they would all know who was going to win! OK, bad psychic joke. Didn't see the show, was the winner amazing? Or was it more of a "made for TV" kind of elimination show?
#3 Posted on
5/9/2009 8:03:37 AM
by mariposa
They were all good, especially some of the finalists were great. In my opinion, there was no clear winner. The challenges were all different, so some psychics did better on certain challenges and others performed better other challenges. One of the finalists is now on a show that is regularly on television -- Paranormal State. I do not recall his name, but he's interesting.
#4 Posted on
5/9/2009 8:07:15 AM
by mariposa
I just looked it up. His name is Chip Coffey. He is a psychic and Medium. He is now on Psychic Kids: Children of the Paranormal on A & E.
#5 Posted on
5/11/2009 5:09:54 PM
by Bonnie
I think this is a truly unique premise for a show, but I have doubts about it. I really think that individuals with psychic ability rarely have the need to "prove" it. There are too many people out there proclaiming themselves professional skeptics as it is. I see this show as entertainment, but not having serious value. ;-)