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Psychic Kids: Children of the Paranormal

#1 Posted on
5/9/2009 8:12:03 AM
by mariposa
This is a very interesting show about children with psychic abilities on A & E. When your child comes to you and says, "I see dead people." What do you do with that information? There are parents who are scared and isolated with problems that they often keep quiet - issues dealing with their children's paranormal abilities. Now, thanks to Medium Chip Coffey and renowned psychologist and Columbia University professor, Dr. Lisa Miller, help is on the way. Each one-hour episode features three kids who ultimately are brought together by Chip and Lisa to learn how to cope with their gifts and to realize they are not alone.
#2 Posted on
5/11/2009 5:07:09 PM
by Bonnie
Mariposa - I ahve never watched this show, but I do feel that we owe it to our children to take them seriously, and to encourage them to share whatever they are expereincing, in whatever manner they are experiencing it. Quite often psychic ability is gifted down through generations - our best teachers will be family members who have shared the same expereinces (even though they may have not been encouraged to talk about it at the time.)
#3 Posted on
5/28/2009 12:23:50 PM
by Peanut
In addition to that show on A&E, I’ve been told that Cartoon Network will air a new show starting June 17th called “The Othersiders” This is a reality adventure series which follows 5 friends, ages 13 to 16 years, who explore potentially haunted locations in search of evidence of paranormal activity. This show is similar to Ghost hunters but from a teenager’s perspective. Has anyone else heard about it?
#4 Posted on
6/17/2009 2:42:56 PM
by Marcey
Peanut - This show sounds really cool! I found more information on it here: I am going to have to watch this to see what comes up! Marcey
#5 Posted on
7/8/2009 11:19:14 AM
by mariposa
Has anyone seen this yet? Sounds cute. I will look for it!
#6 Posted on
7/20/2009 4:42:34 AM
by Bonnie
I did get a chance to see this show. I thought that it was well organized, and very well done. I love to see people of all ages encouraged to do thngs. These are young people that are being encouraged to think, act and analyze - what a great gift! Blessings, Bonnie
#7 Posted on
7/20/2009 2:19:06 PM
by phyll
My daughter is 12 years old and loves it!!. I am planning to watch it with her. I am hoping this will allow us to bond.
#8 Posted on
7/26/2009 3:08:10 AM
by Bonnie
Phyl - This will be a great show to watch with your daughter!
#9 Posted on
6/25/2020 11:23:06 PM
by dkstehan82
Hello All. My name is Steven from Denmark and im sorry to write my opinion here but i'm watching Psychic Kids all whole loot of years to late and i noticed the kids call them self misfits and they feel something is wrong with them, and it makes me really sad, someone should tell them that the reason is that they are more "advanced" then NON SEEING PEOPLE - next stage in human evolution - . *I'm a NON SEEING PERSON" but i am highly empathic, and can barely leave my own apartment for all the emotions i am getting flooded with i feel peoples - sadness, hate, love, frustration, desires and everything in between and somehow my body grabs on to it and then i feel it to. Somethimes thoughts from some people "new skill" that is in the process of being developed for 2 years now and that makes a person like me confused, i'am a diagnosed 'psychopath' . Sorry small sidetrack. Tell them all of them young and "seasoned" :) Psychic/Medium's - next stage in human evolution -