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New to Meditation

#1 Posted on
5/12/2009 11:09:48 AM
by LoLo
I recently began meditating and have found it to have an amazing impact on my life. I never really considered myself to me the type to meditate, as I am always on the go. A friend had suggested it to me for years, but I really thought it was just not my thing. Finally, I thought I would give it a try, so I bought a really good guided meditation. What a difference! I found that I was much more relaxed throughout the day and better able to go with the flow. Even better, life seemed to just become much more clear. I am so happy I decided to make this practice a part of my life!
#2 Posted on
5/12/2009 4:25:11 PM
by Lilith
LoLo - Isn't meditation wonderful! It stops the chatter int he mind, and allows us to slow down and become one with the Divine. Whatever meditation technique we choose to use helps strengthen our spiritual connection, and makes life go more smoothly.
#3 Posted on
5/13/2009 10:52:18 AM
by Ken
I read somewhere that when you meditate the room must be brightly lit, because if you meditate in the dark, your brain will interpret this as a signal to start shutting itself down for sleep so you might end up in a light sleep state hypnosis instead of meditation.
#4 Posted on
5/13/2009 5:11:55 PM
by apple
I'm new to mediation but have heard so many wonderful things I know I need to just do it. But with so much going on, it's hard to find the time to carve out where I can be relaxed and focuses. Poor excuse, I know. Does anyone have any thoughts on whether to do a guided or a non-guided (don't know what to call it) meditation? I'd imagine it's easier to get into meditation with a guide to walk you through it. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
#5 Posted on
5/13/2009 7:34:15 PM
by LoLo
Well, I am still working on stopping that chatter of the mind! I've taken a step in the right direction, but notice my mind still does wander. I have been trying to acknowledge the thought, then just let it pass. This is definitely easier said than done, but I believe just being aware of it is hugely important. As a culture, we are so conditioned to think and over-think everything that it is a hard habit to break! Apple, I would encourage you to begin with a guided meditation. In my opinion, it helps bring you to a place of relaxation in a calm, peaceful way. Others may have different opinions -- I would be interested to hear what has worked for others.
#6 Posted on
5/15/2009 5:14:28 PM
by Bonnie
Ken - I have never heard before that a room should be brightly lit for meditation. I have meditated for years, and always use a darkened room, with perhaps a candle burning. For me, light would be intrusive - too much stimulation. For others, this may be different. Apple - either guided or non-guided meditations will work well. I would use the guided meditation when I have more time, and the non-guided meditation when I am short of time. There is also something called open-eyed meditation. This can occur when you are taking a walk in the park (or forest), and simply paying close attention to everything aroudn you. Or it can be drinking a cup of coffee or tea and gazing out into the back yard. It all works! :) Lolo - A good way to maintain focus and stop the chatter in your mind is to focus on your breath as it goes in and out. Great meditation stories here! Bonnie
#7 Posted on
5/16/2009 5:37:20 PM
by apple
For guided meditations, anyone recommend any? I use my iPod all the time and I'm assuming that there are tons of guided meditations available on iTunes - maybe even some regular podcasts? If anyone has any they recommend I would greatly appreciate it.
#8 Posted on
5/17/2009 8:15:31 PM
by LoLo
There are some on I-Tunes by Kelly Howell which are great. The actually use "binaural beats" which help you get into different brain frequencies (i.e. theta, delta) and achieve a more relaxed state. There are several different subjects available, from "Awakening Kundalini", to "Success", to "Creativity." I have used the Awakening Kundalini one regularly, and recommend it because it incorporates different breathing techniques while inducing a Theta state. Because of the binaural beats, its almost as though these are a short cut to more advanced meditations. An added benefit is that her voice is extremely serene.
#9 Posted on
5/20/2009 9:22:35 PM
by apple
Thank you LoLo - those are great suggestions. I'll be sure to check them out.
#10 Posted on
5/26/2009 5:41:15 PM
by Delphine
My favorite is a guided meditation called "Journey Through the Chakras" by Colette Baron Reid. It has calming sounds of the ocean and guides you through each color associated with the Chakras. I always feel amazing and well balanced after doing it. I highly recommend it!
#11 Posted on
5/30/2009 11:26:14 PM
Before beginning Psychic Work, and between readings, I often use a meditation from Laurie Cabot's book, "Power of the Witch." The "Crystal Countdown" can be found on page 183-187. Basically, you close your eyes and visualize a red 7. Hold that vision, then release it. Visualize an orange 6, hold and release, next a yellow 5, followed by a green 4, a blue 3, an indigo 2, and finally a violet 1. This places one in the Alpha state, the state of consciousness prerequisite for Magic or Psychic Work. Namaste and Blessed Be!
#12 Posted on
6/1/2009 4:04:05 AM
by Dani
The meditation with the numbers is a good one - it also helps to balance the chakras. Dani
#13 Posted on
8/29/2013 1:07:22 PM
by queen_allen
I do not know how to meditate how do I mediatate?
#14 Posted on
11/5/2019 4:57:38 AM
by BeingwithBeings
It all begins with breathing. Simply make time to sit, be and breathe for 5, 10 or 15 minutes to start. Brightly lit or dark, guided or not guided doesn't really matter. It is more about discovering what works best for you and setting the intention of connection, first with your inner self then gradually becoming aquainted with the many beings who desire to assist you on your journey of evolution. At the very least, breathing exercises and meditation are great stress relieving tools which of course will help you feel better in day to day life and when you feel better you raise your vibrational frequency to match up with even more things to feel better about. Nice eh! So start with deep relaxing breathing exercises to de-stress, quiet your mind and begin the inward journey of expansion. When you feel ready or well-practised in this form you can progress to deeper meditative practices and all this entails. If anyone has questions or would like to know more I'd be happy to help.