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Impressions of Psychics

#1 Posted on
5/20/2009 5:50:28 PM
by Ami
I find so often that many people see psychics as something "other". I can't speak for all of us, but I see my day to day life as fairly normal. I am curious what people see our lives as like. There have been so many representations of what a screenwriter thinks it's like, but have only seen one that must have lived with one it was so dead on in expanding what it's really like in my experience. Thoughts?
#2 Posted on
5/21/2009 12:21:56 PM
by Ken
Ami, I haven’t seen you post before so welcome. Based on your post I realize you are a psychic so I did a quick check and saw that you are an advisor on this site, so it’s good to hear from you. As someone who is always seeking the advice of a psychic I can only tell you how I see my psychics. I get many readings from various psychics. I have never met any them face to face since I only get online readings. When I get my readings, I form this mental picture of what my psychic is like based on their voice and their phone demeanor. I definitely envision the good psychics such as the ones I speak to here as “normal” with great personalities and I define normal as the average Joe or the average Jo (don't want to be sexist here lol) Some of my friends think that psychics are eccentric. Geniuses are considered eccentric. Might there be some similarity?
#3 Posted on
5/22/2009 8:09:18 AM
by mariposa
As a kid, I remember my mom and her sister went to have a reading with a reputed psychic. I had envisioned her as being a mystical older woman dressed in heavy purple silks, very eccentric, and as someone with all types of special powers. As an adult, I realize that what I envision is probably very far removed from the truth. I believe psychics are very normal people who just happen to have a highly developed sixth sense. Although Hollywood has done a good job in the past of creating the stereotype of purple-robed lady behind the crystal ball, I believe it is now doing a good job of changing that image.
#4 Posted on
5/22/2009 8:17:32 AM
by mariposa
It just occurred to me that Lisa Williams is the perfect example of this. Her show, which was on Lifetime, showed how "normal" her life really is. Each episode would begin with her saying goodbye in the the morning to her husband and young son, leaving her beautiful white cottage-style home, and heading off to the office to go do her readings. Not much different than many people's daily routine! One interesting thing was to see how when she would be out and about running errands or getting lunch that she would start to get reads on other people around her. It's actually quite funny to see her walk up to someone in a bakery and say, for example, "Your grandmother Margie wants me to tell you that she's proud of you for deciding to go back to school." The people are a bit taken aback, but Lisa does it in such a charming way that it all seems absolutely fine.
#5 Posted on
5/22/2009 11:32:32 AM
by phyll
I am good friends with someone who is highly intuitive. Strange enough she does not read for me, she is always so busy, but the real reason is, I feel we are way too close. I feel it’s much better to go to someone who does not know me personally. She also has a family (husband , 5 children, grandchildren). 2 of her children are still at home as well as 2 grand children. Her day starts off with her daily exercise and meditation pretty much the way mine does, then she helps to get the grandchildren ready for school. Then she goes to work. She has an office where she sees clients daily. After work she spends time with her family and sometimes friends, make dinner, watch tv, go out to dinner, go see a movie. Although her life is hectic, it is pretty normal, probably more normal than mine.
#6 Posted on
5/25/2009 6:44:57 PM
by Ami
Phyll brings up something wonderful, that I haven't seen talked about much. I won't read for my good friends. My reason is because I can't control what extra information I get coming at me. Quite simply there are some things I really would rather not know about someone whose company I enjoy. Nothing like a vision of your buddy dancing about with his undies on his head to see why it's not a great idea LOL. Another pitfall I have seen all too often is when the reader genuinely wants something for their friend and uses a reading to justify what they think is best when Spirit says the opposite. That's why I only read on the phone. While I care about my clients, I find it's a fine line in private practice that must constantly be monitored when clients want to become so close it blurs the vital objectivity I need. Only reading over the phone solves that.
#7 Posted on
5/26/2009 10:35:55 AM
by phyll
Amy, very interesting point you brought up regarding the fact that if the client is a friend of the reader, they might use the reading to justify what they think is best for the friend. Although they have the best of intentions, do you think being too close to the person can make them non-objective or do you think this closeness can block the actual message and wouldn’t this happen even during a phone reading?
#8 Posted on
5/26/2009 4:37:50 PM
by Ami
Excellent questions Phyll. I think it's often a case by case and individual by individual situation. I knew one reader who was awful about pushing her personal agendas into her readings. But she had a very strong will to begin with, and cared rabidly about what she thought was best for her friends. So I think personality plays a large part of it. Then personally defined "lines" also help a great deal. I started reading over the phone exclusively 9 years ago because clients and I would develop friendships and what was a really big deal to them became a huge deal to me, that's where my inner conflict would sometimes pop up in me, but not the readings. I find a certain level of detachment is vital. I imagine that closeness could be a sticking point for some readers, but I haven't found that, as I have become very close to some of my phone clients over the years. I guess the easiest way to see it for me, is being close to someone, but not in the way that I walk into a shop and see something that would be just perfect for their wardrobe.
#9 Posted on
5/27/2009 2:35:37 PM
by Pat
Reading this thread made me start thinking about my readings. Whenever I am unsure about anything in my life I pick up the phone and talk to at least 3 different advisors. I get my readings only over the phone because (1) it’s easy (2) it can be done in the privacy of my home (3) I can remain mostly anonymous (4) there is usually a variety of advisors to choose from. If I speak to 3 different advisors and am given basically the same advice, I am okay. However the problem arises when their responses drastically differ and when that happens, I again call maybe another 3 advisors to clear up my confusion. Do you think I am doing the right thing? Should I stick to 1 or 2 advisors, or is it good to get so many different takes or opinions?
#10 Posted on
5/27/2009 2:48:40 PM
by phyll
I stick to the same readers. They know my situation so I don't have to start all over. But I understand someone wanting different a different opinion.
#11 Posted on
6/1/2009 4:50:09 AM
by Dani
I have had it happen that different readers gave me different answers. What I learned to do was to ask myself how the information felt. If it felt right to me - whether I understood it or not, then I knew that it was right. And it always turned out to be so. For me, the problem with askng the same question of different advisors is not the different advisors, but askngt he same question repeatedly. I find that when I do this, Univers, Spirit, or whatever you want to call your HIgher power, seems to become offended. I have learned over the yearsof getting readings to become a participant in the process. I have learned to ask questions durng a reading (or after the reading, if that is how my reader does it), and to speak up when I do not understand something.. Dani