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Seeing Angels?

#1 Posted on
5/26/2009 4:05:19 PM
by mariposa
On a few occasions I have seen a "pop" or "flash" of bright golden light, usually above someone's head. It is there and gone in an instant! I have asked one or two people about this and they have said they believe this is what it is like to see an angel. does anyone else have this experience?
#2 Posted on
5/26/2009 8:50:20 PM
by apple
Mariposa - I've definitely had a few experiences like this and think you are right. I've also seen similar images in photographs, like a bright orb or sphere.
#3 Posted on
6/1/2009 5:40:33 AM
by Dani
My understanding is that there is a flash of light when an Angel appears. I found this site, and it has some really great information on Angels and Guides: Dani
#4 Posted on
6/1/2009 10:32:27 PM
by apple
Great site - thanks for the suggestion Dani.
#5 Posted on
6/4/2009 2:29:11 PM
by Pat
Thanks for the site info Dani. Good information. I particularly enjoyed reading the information that was given on the Gate Keeper.
#6 Posted on
6/17/2009 1:42:23 PM
by Bonnie
Pat - I think that the concept of Gate Keepers is very important. It is nice to know that there are constructs in the spiritual world, just as there are in the physical world. To me, this goes beyond the proverbial "As Above, So Below". Blessings, Bonnie
#7 Posted on
2/4/2011 5:32:49 AM
by CuriousOne
I constantly see flakes or sparkles of light in certain areas or around me and my child. It looks like someone throws a hand full of glitter in the air but it lingers in the air. Most of the time they are gold in color and some of the time they are white. When I have seen the gold I use to hear a muffled whisper of some sort or a merging of many voices. I use to see the lights everyday, all the time when I was much younger. However, as I grew I blocked it out because I had no clue what was happening to me, and I was afraid to tell anyone. When my son was born 3 years ago, I started to see them quite frequently again. During his first year they were gold and no white. The light was always with him. He use to look in empty places in the room and just smile, I would see large amounts of gold light flurries, yet I always felt the lights were not a threat. Now I frequently see white flurries in the air when I am not looking directly at something or out of the corner of my eye. Recently I saw a large white light manifest in my living room and at the exact moment my dogs went nuts. Are the sparkles in the air angels or is it something else? I feel I should know something more than I do. What do I do next time this happens?