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Out of body experience w/ maybe a spirit guide/demon.

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3/22/2021 3:33:16 PM
by Awizzle54
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So I had an out of body experience about 7 years ago and still I am wondering what it means. I woke up and got out of bed with my body laying there I thought I died. And I could barely see or walk like my spirit what beat to shit. I start walking out of my room and see a small demon shadow tip-toeing around the corner and I knew I was screwed because I could barely walk. But when it came around the corner it was an older lady with a piece of paper and she handed it to me so was thinking damn I died, so I looked back at my body on the bed and asked her if I was dead, but when I looked back to her she was gone. Just looking for answers that’s not much info but maybe if someone’s had similar experiences or if someone knows what the Damn piece of paper was it would be nice. Also not long before this I heard a voice saying You’re going to be Great. And that’s it. Earlier that day I remember I just wanted to be great and so on and felt very strongly about it. Sold my soul to the devil maybe? This is serious and all of this is for real and just now getting the balls to ask.

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