Relations and Astrology

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7/6/2009 5:04:31 AM
Man is a knot into which relationships are tied. As per [url=]Astrology India[/url] there are two elements respectively that fit well together, while the other combinations are more difficult. Fire and air are considered as masculine elements which are related to each other and harmonize well where as earth and water are considered as feminine elements which are related to each other. One can get along well with the size of same element. In the territory of relationship Astrology India experience the patterns of relating that shape of adult quest for the soul mate. Friends and friendship are part of everyone’s life. To an extend it depends on circumstances and our temperament. Many of us have hundreds of friends during the course of our lives. Astrology of friendship also depends on our signs, stars and our houses. Astrology is a tool to explore the dynamics of interpersonal relationships. Astrologers or their astrological counseling can help many to validate and enhance a great relationship, or to improve or release a bad relationship. Astrological factors can give clues to analyze current and upcoming situations, and also to help you create the quality of relationships you desire by understanding yourself and honoring diversity. To an extend planets are very much responsible for our relationship. Planets in astrology are dived into the Inner Planets, Outer Planets, and Karmic Planets
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7/8/2009 4:14:31 AM
by Marcey
CAPUT031 - If I remember correctly, Indian astrology and Western astrology look at the heavens in very different ways. I found your post very interesting, as we usually think of Sun signs, and not elemental correspondences when we are looking at relationsips of any kind. From the Western astrological point of view, we could look at the Sun sign compatability as a general way of looking at relationsip and compatability, and follow that up with doing a complete chart comparison to see in what areas there is compatability, and in what areas there will be stress. This is quite an interesting use for astrology, because we can use it for family relationships, personal (romantic) relationships and business relationships. Yours was quite an interesting psot! Marcey