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Welcome to the Psychic TV Forum

#1 Posted on
3/2/2009 4:39:24 PM
by Admin
With so many psychic TV shows out there, this is the place for the latest recaps, discussions and info about your favorite shows.
#2 Posted on
4/21/2009 12:49:15 PM
by Ken
This is great, I haven't actually watched any particular psychic related show because of my busy schedule but I wanted to ask if anyone got a chance to watch Dateline, this past Friday the 17th. It was titled "Disappearance at the Dairy Queen". It was about a cold case, a teenager who was missing for more than 20 years. A detective was determined to solve the case and give the family of the teen some closure. As part of his investigation he consulted a psychic. The psychic used the Tarot and told him that the teen was dead and that the killer was incarcerated and that the detective would be seeing him shortly. The psychic also told the detective that the teen was buried by a river, by a bridge, by a field of flowers. Would you know they eventually found her by a river, by a bridge, by a field of flowers. How amazing!