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Signs, Symbols & "Cledons"

#1 Posted on
7/8/2009 12:02:30 PM
by mariposa
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I am always amazed by the number of signs I receive, especially when I am searching for an answer to a particular question. These come in the form of a particular song, the appearance of a particular bird, insect or animal, or just a certain billboard or ad that catches my attention. Does anyone else have these experiences of the universe speaking to them through the use of signs and symbols?
#2 Posted on
7/20/2009 4:17:09 AM
by Bonnie
Mariposa - It is quie a good thing that you are able to recognize the signs in your life, and their importance. There is a whole world of wisdom out there, Grasshopper! Blessings, Bonnie
#3 Posted on
8/27/2009 6:32:43 AM
by Dani
I think that it is important for each of us to live in the present, so that we do notice the signs that are being brought to us.
#4 Posted on
8/28/2009 11:35:59 AM
by mariposa
I was reading this post and thought of the movie "The Celestine Prophecy." I saw it recently and thought it was great. It really shows how when you pay attention, there are signs everywhere guiding you. The movie was based on the bestselling book of the same name, which I am now definitely going to read. If you are interested in the movie, it's easy to download from I Tunes. Has anyone else seen the movie or read the book?