Eclipse & Second New Moon in Cancer

#1 Posted on
7/21/2009 1:44:56 PM
by Delphine
July 21, 2009 is the second New Moon in Cancer -- meaning it's the second New Moon in Cancer in 29 days. This means its a second opportunity to utilize the imaginative and nurturing energy of Cancer to bring about changes. This New Moon also falls on a Total Solar Eclipse! What does this all mean? What can we expect from this?
#2 Posted on
7/21/2009 7:47:18 PM
by cusper
Good timing - there is a new article on home page all about the solar eclipse. Check it out, some pretty good stuff there.
#3 Posted on
9/8/2009 3:08:25 AM
by Daniella
Interesting energy here (in the second new moon). I love the excitement of second new moons - sometimes called "Blue Moons". I often do special meditations and such at this time.