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Try “Stillness Buddy” – a great new tool for mindfulness!

#1 Posted on
8/7/2009 10:35:23 AM
by hectoritobh
Hello, I am writing to invite you to try "Stillness Buddy", a software application I've just launched! Stillness Buddy helps you to remain mindful of the present moment, relaxed and at peace, while working at the computer. It works by displaying short "moments of stillness" and longer "mindfulness pauses", interspersed during the day. These breaks are designed to be very brief, so that they don't interfere with your work. You can choose their duration and frequency, to suit your preferences and schedule. By regularly practising the stillness and mindfulness exercises presented during the breaks, Stillness Buddy quickly and effectively helps you to: * Cultivate a deep sense of peace and stillness in your every day life. * Remain in touch with the joy and love that you are. * Be more relaxed in your body, less tense. * Work in a more mindful, alert and stress-free manner * Live more and more in the present moment Stillness Buddy is for those of us who want to be more at peace and aware of the present moment, in the midst of our busy lives. It is also a great tool if you want to feel less tense and stressed. It is suitable for people of all walks of life, regardless of their spiritual practice or religious background. You can find more about Stillness Buddy and download a 30-day free trial, at Please give it a try and let me know what you think. If you like it, please help me to spread the word! Many thanks, Hectoritobh
#2 Posted on
8/22/2009 11:35:29 AM
by Dani
Hector - Your software sounds very interesting. I think that one of the most important things that we can do is to remember to stay int he present. Short moments of silence during the day don't hurt either. We need these breaks to take us out of whatever we are doing and back into ourselves. :)