Astrology in Western World

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8/20/2009 12:21:12 AM
Astrology is believed to be a philosophy that assists in understanding life, rather than a type of theology that can be used as an analytical instrument. Rather than discussing how Planets effect us, we can enlighten ourselves based on Planetary indications. The Signs work like this. Each of the 12 Signs is an exclusive amalgamation of one of the four elements and one of the three qualities. The elements and qualities reveal that we are all part of the surroundings. There is an association among living things and all matter on this Planet. Astrology fastens humans mutually. We all deal with the same planetary connections and are all part of the same cycles. There are two key types of Astrology practiced today in the Western World unlike Indian Astrology. They are Tropical and Sidereal astrology. Tropical Astrology allocates the twelve zodiac signs (each consisting of 30º) based on their location with respect to the Spring Equinox. This marks the beginning of Astrological New Year and generally falls on March 21. The Equinox represents 0 º Aries. Sidereal Astrology which has a lot of similarity with [url=]Indian Astrology[/url] allocates location based on constellations, rather than in relation to the Equinox. It recognises the precession and regulates the signs of the zodiac consequently. Presently, Sidereal Astrology is 24 degrees behind Tropical Astrology.

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