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Experiencing Energy Around You

#1 Posted on
9/12/2009 12:08:49 PM
by Lilith
How many of you experience spirit energy around you? The movement that you see out of the corner of your eye, the presence that you feel - but you turn to look, and no one is there. This is actually very positive energy, and indicates that you are open to receiving this nformation. If you have not experienced this, and would liek to make a spiritual connection, spend time near water (even something as small as a backyard pond), or take a walk through an area that has a lot of trees. This is where magic happens!
#2 Posted on
9/14/2009 8:18:16 AM
by Ree
YES! I do experience this but I never really knew what it was. Often when I am calm and relaxed, I see tiny particle-like bits of white motion. I only see it out of the corners of my eyes, not if I look directly at it. Is this what you are talking about? Sometimes I also feel a bit of a tingling sensation on my skin or bit of a heaviness in the room. Sometimes I also see a tiny pop of light, usually above someone's head. What exactly is all of this? What is the energy? Spirits or something else?
#3 Posted on
9/27/2009 4:48:05 AM
by Daniella
Ree - The manifestations that we see - the pops of light, the movement - are indicative of spirit energy - as in a specific spirit being there. At least - this is my way of thinking. The phenomenon are there to get us to pay attention, to know that we have gifts that we have to develop. They can also mean that they (the spirit energy) are trying to gift us with a message.
#4 Posted on
8/11/2013 6:23:20 AM
by DakotaRae
This may sound like a weird question but i was wondering what the water does. I get very heavy feeling while imaone swimming or in the bath or even in the shower. Again i know it sounds werid but at first i was very scared i almost feel im being surrounded. I have very vivid visions almost of just colours which has caused me to keep my eyes open as often as possable. I am soothed by water however until these intense feeling occur and this has happened since i was very little. I have offten qiestioned if i drowned in a past life.
#5 Posted on
8/29/2013 1:09:25 PM
by queen_allen
I experience energy all the time but I do not know if it is good or bad?
#6 Posted on
10/6/2013 7:02:01 PM
by John Daniel Pena
About last year i lost a little puppy named achillies he was a white male poodle and he died of unknown causes. Every now and then i see him walking to a black shelf i have with me today. He also is always seen leaving the spot where he died( In my room ). but i only see him at the corner of my eye and when i go to look nothing is there like you stated. Is this positive?
#7 Posted on
10/11/2013 2:54:55 PM
by phyll
John, for sure this is positive. You loved him and he loved you so he will always be with you