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Floating Red Ball of Light

#1 Posted on
9/24/2009 10:15:30 AM
by mariposa
Ok...I know I am at risk of sounding like I have gone off the deep end here, but I am very perplexed by an experience I had the other night in my daughter's room. I am reading her a story and I look up at the chandelier and look directly at the bulb. I then look directly to the corner of the room, and I see a small floating light in the corner. At first, I think this is just the image of the bulb still in by brain, and I am not really seeing anything. However, the light continues, turns a bright pinkish red and begins to float towards us. When I move my eyes and try to focus, it goes away. When I look again in the corner, it is there again and begins to float towards us again. This continued for about 3-5 minutes. The same shape, the same movement. Then, it went away. I must say, before I ever looked at the light bulb, I had noticed, out of the corner of my eye, a small "pop" of white light that zipped near the chandelier. That is what had caused me to look there in the first place. Do I need the help of a good optometrist, a therapist, or a psychic who gets this?!!!
#2 Posted on
11/21/2010 10:56:53 PM
by Bonnie
Leaton - My condolences ont he passing of your mother and step-father. Your story is amazing, and I feel that your conclusin is accurate - the signs you were getting were twofold - your mother wante you to know that she was doing well, and she was there to help escort your step-father across the veil. Blessings, Bonnie
#3 Posted on
9/25/2009 9:53:42 PM
by mariposa
Thank you Daniella for your detailed response. It really is an amazing interpretation. There truly is a part of me that wants that "proof" of spirit energy, however, it seems that I still question it when I have such an experience. There is actually more to this story...Just this evening we had some friends over and I was telling the story of my experience to two of my friends in my backyard. During the middle of the story there is a sudden rustling in the hedge which is immediately behind her head. In the next second, she jumps up and screams and another friend's husband (who had not even been listening to the conversation) jumps up and runs away. They both claim that some small animal jumped from the hedge, onto each of them for a second and ran off. Neither saw anything. I was facing both of them and never saw anything. We do have squirrels in the nearby trees, but they never come near us -- especially a loud group of people. I normally would not think much of it, but the timing of the whole thing seemed a bit odd. Do you think this is just coincidence or a series of events to get my attention? Also, my friend who was sitting next to the hedge said afterward that as this event was going on, she had looked up to the adjacent porch and saw a small shadowy image fly across the porch and into the garden. (In an unrelated incident, another friend who sees many things saw the figure of an older woman leaning against the railing of this same porch about six months ago. It is an older house and the same woman lived here for about 50 years.) What do you think?
#4 Posted on
9/28/2009 9:03:11 AM
by mariposa
Wow! I am really liking your explanation. It is fascinating. I am laughing out loud thinking about how you said these energies would be laughing at my friend's response. Just envision a very athletic, sporty guy jumping up out of his seat and screaming -- he was completely shocked! The thing is -- I know I did not see anything come out of the hedge. Nothing at all! It was just a wresting of leaves and then both of my friends saying they felt something. Why do you think it is that I am meant to be the observer? Also, I think you are right that this is connected to the garden. This hedge is up against a big, wooded lot that is truly magical. There are big, old trees, and this back portion is very untouched. The trees are dense and nobody ever even goes back there. Also, the porch I was describing with the shadow was my porch! (I guess I said "adjacent" - but I meant adjacent to where we were sitting.) There was a lady who lived in this house for 50 years, so it must be that her energy is still here. I have never felt anything scary though.
#5 Posted on
9/28/2009 9:15:30 AM
by mariposa
Actually, there is one more thing that has been catching my attention. Over the weekend, I looked out my window and on my balcony was a small black and yellow bird. I have never seen this type of bird before and it is not that common to have birds this close to the house. It flew toward my window and left. Later it came back to a nearby tree. The next day, I look out the window, and it is high in branch on the other side of my house. This morning I wake up, look outside and see it flying all over my daughter's porch. There is an outdoor mirror hanging on the chimney, and the bird circled the chimney and the mirror for about 20 minutes. In the same pattern. We even went onto the porch to see it and it did not fly away. When I looked up the bird, it was a Gold Finch. I know it is the same one, because this is very rare for this neighborhood. I know many would say, this is just a bird. However, I always seem to notice them at interesting times and interesting ways.
#6 Posted on
9/29/2009 7:32:15 AM
by mariposa
I am truly finding this to be so fascinating. Of course, the gold finch is back again this morning. It has been flying back and forth in front of the mirror for over an hour. Literally trying to cross over to the other side of the glass. Here is what I found on gold finches. It completely relates to many things you said in your last post! "Black and yellow are the colors of the archangel Auriel. These colors in meditation and ritual are used to invoke that aspect of this being that oversees the activity of nature spirits--the fairies, elves, and devas. The high point of activity of nature is during the summer, its highest point being at the solstice itself." "The presence of goldfinches usually indicates an awakening to the activities of those beings that are normally relegated to the realm of fiction. Goldfinch can help you deepen your perceptions so that you can begin to see and experience the activities of the nature spirits yourself. This deepening of perceptions is reflected in the black cap--awakening to that which is normally hidden from view." "Goldfinches are usually permanent residents, and in those areas where they are found, you can also find the fairies and the elves. Goldfinches like border areas and young brush growth found at edges and borders. Edges and borders are intersections where there are natural doorways to that other realm of life." "Even their nesting habits reflects this link to the border areas, the 'Tween Places.' They build their nests in a fork or on an outer branch high in a tree. It is usually made of thistledown. Thistle has a long association with nature spirits and the healing aspects of animals. Blessed thistle was once used to invoke the god Pan. Thistle has been a symbol of endurance. It is through endurance and persistence that we can open to the Realm of Faerie once more. Goldfinches are birds that can help us connect with those nature spirits that can show us how to heal animals--wild and domestic." "Goldfinches are rarely silent. This in itself is a reminder that Nature is speaking to us constantly and that we should learn to listen and communicate with it from all levels. It reflects that the nature spirits are around us at all times." "In winter, the male loses its black cap, and the bright yellow turns to an olive yellow. This also reflects the connection of goldfinch to the world of the nature spirits. In the winter, they withdraw, working more within the earth, rather than in the outward expressions which are more evident in the spring and summer. It does not mean they are not there, but rather that they may not be as easily perceived." "The goldfinch also has an undulating (an up and down movement) flight pattern. This rhythm and pattern can be used in visualization to help loosen the subtle energies of the arua and facilitate leaving the body. The wave pattern also reflects the ability of a goldfinch to lead us to the inner and to the outer realms, from the human to the Faerie, from the physical to the spiritual." *From the Animal Spirits website: Goldfinch's Wisdom Includes: Understanding the value of change, Ability to resolve family conflicts in a healthy manner, Creating balance in dealing with different peoples, Understanding the power of voice.
#7 Posted on
10/5/2009 7:21:49 AM
by mariposa does fit in exactly with all that you said! Believe it or not, the story actually becomes a bit more interesting. The gold finch is now on my daughter's porch every morning, flying back and forth in front of the mirror for at least two hours. We have even put out seed and started to call him Goldie. We now have other guests, including cardinals and blue jays - hanging out and enjoying the bird seed on her porch. We do not live in the country, so this is quite special. Here is what I find to be a mystery....I had bought a pillow a linen pillow last week, and it was sitting in a bag by my door to be returned to the store. It had two different patterns on it -- and I had bought it because I liked one side which had a print of some insects on it. As I glanced over at the bag, the other side caught my attention. It was a bird -- A GOLD FINCH! I had brought this pillow home the day before the Goldfinch appeared in my yard!!! I had not even noticed this side of the pillow. What are the chances of this?!
#8 Posted on
9/25/2009 6:16:02 PM
by Daniella
Mariposa - I think that it is safe to skip the optometrist and the therapist. ;-) Lights like this indicate that energy bodies are trying to contact us. It appears to me that you are on the precipice of gaining some wonderful wisdom on your destiny in this lifetime, as well as your purpose. It also seems, in my opinion, to not be coincidental that this happened in your daughters room. She has paranormal (psychic) abilities, just as you do. I feel that each of you, in your own way, are healers and teachers. Very important people at this point in time. :) My educated guess - the spiritu trying to contact you is one of your Guides - and that now is the time when this Guide's teaching will be important for you. Go into dreamitme and ask who the light is, what you can do for them, and what actions they want you to take in your life. This light is a great blessing. :)
#9 Posted on
9/27/2009 4:40:44 AM
by Daniella
Mariposa - You do have many interesting things going on here! The energy that jumped into your friends lap was connected witht he yard - not sure if it is your yard, or the yard next door. They were not animals at all, but energy "children". Energy forms that are young. Quite often we see this activity in a seance - energy forms (children, if you will) playing around the knees of the people takkng part int he seance. This is very playful energy. I am sure that they thought your friends jumpng up was very funny! ;-) You did not expereince the energy directly, but were an observer. This is part of your spiritual growth. Now, the shadow moving across the proch next door, and the old woman leanng against it - these things are connected with that house. Energy that has not left it yet. My feeling is that these things are all "factual" - in other words, that you do not need to be wary of them in any way. At this time = pay attention to your dreams. :)
#10 Posted on
9/29/2009 5:43:29 AM
by Daniella
I think that you are meant to be the observer because you are coming into your own powers. I also feel that in sme way you are to help people help themselves. If I were you, I might contact the tree spirits (yes, there are spirits for inanimate onjects!), and see what they have to say. What part are they playig in your personal/spiirtual growth. What do they want you to know? What do they have to teach you? It is interestingt hat I did not feel that the porch was connected to you at all. It is not a malevelant pirit - i.e. one that wabts to cause harm - and it is also not one that needs to be released. And I do feel that it is the spirit of the lady who once lived there. I just had a pic of that old TV series come to mind - I can't think of the name, but the guy is a reported, and he invesitgates strange phenomenon. I think your guides are teasing us on this. ;-) Birds per se carry wisdom. The color black is fo rthe unknown (or, in this case, esoteric wisdom) but I am not sure what the yellow would inidcate (although in some instances it indicates Spirit). That it flew towars you, and hten away, seems to be saying that it had some information for you. That this bird has appeared many times is an omen - there is information there for you. Gold Finches are very beautiful birds, but I don't know how they would be categorized as far as esoteric wisdom goes. I think that I find this as exciting as you do!
#11 Posted on
10/2/2009 1:19:22 PM
by Daniella
What interesting information on the Gold Finch! It fits in with what I felt, and it fits in with the nature of your yard. You definitely have wisdom coming to you! :) Daniella
#12 Posted on
10/6/2009 6:21:37 AM
by Daniella
Mariposa - I love the Gold Finch pillow! This is true synchronicity! Birdsof all kinds are messengers - that they are now frequenting your duaghters porch is a wonderful thing! :)
#13 Posted on
11/21/2010 12:33:27 PM
by Leaton
6 years ago my mother and step father were in an explosion that killed my mother instantly and my step father passed 3 weeks later. Between my mothers passing and my step fathers passing I experienced numberous things. One particular night I woke up to see a floating red ball of light hovering in the hallway outside my bedroom door. I sat up, rubbed my eyes, moved around on the bed to make sure I was awake and really seeing this light. It did not go away...somehow, I knew it was my mother and felt some sort of comfort. The ball of light stayed for about 5 minutes. Earlier in the night, my daughters TV turned itself on and my desk light in the office turned itself on. We also experienced a "ringing telephone" coming from the center console of the car when we were discussing my mother just days after the accident.....there was no phone in the car. Once my stepfather passed all these things stopped immediately. I know that she was waiting for him.
#14 Posted on
2/9/2013 12:10:18 AM
by keishaS
I had an experience with a red ball of light. My husband and I live in the country, we decided to set up a tent we had just bought in the back yard and camp out for the night. I am a city girl, so being able to see the stars so clearly I stayed up later then him. As I sat there enjoying the dark and the stars, I glanced at the woods and hill...I noticed a bright red light at the top of the hill just slightly in the woods, it traveled just above the ground, staying just inside the woods down the hill and past our tent and my view. Since then I have often wondered and gone outside about the same time of night to look for it. However, I have not seen it again. In that house I have seen a black shadow from time to time...NOW, we moved into my husbands childhood home. His father recently passed away and though I see nothing...from time to time I will feel like someone has walked up behind me, when I turn to look no one is around. If I am taping into the Visions I was able to see as a child and somehow turned away from...I would surely appreciate someone telling me how to open myself up to this long as it is not evil!
#15 Posted on
1/27/2017 3:46:32 PM
by Machina
MAGENTA: Red orbs or balls of light, floating at eye level or near your face, are angelic probes conducting surveillance, just like the "alien probes" or "alien drones" in the TV series, Colony. The true colour of these energy beings is magenta / red-violet. Typically, ascended masters (angels) of the insect realm -- yes, members of some insect species have ascended after death -- volunteer to serve God as probes. The proper name for these elemental probes is Nophere. The human avatars of angels called Nephalim are watched by the Nophere. The Nephalim are non-native imports, you might say. They were transferred to our Creator's universe when their own Creator's universe was annihilated. (Our Cosmos has many universes and each one is an experiment to see which traits produce the best human civilizations.) The Nephalim angels can be quite bitter, because, no matter how high they advanced in the angelic hierarchy in the universe where they evolved, (which brings greater knowledge of the Cosmos), these now homeless angels are demoted to the lowest rank of angel, here in our universe. They must start their climb up the angelic hierarchy of ranks, from the bottom -- ascended master (6th Ray) -- even if they were Archangels (8th Ray) or higher, in the other universe. When incarnate as humans on our planet, the Nephalims' avatars are watched by the Noph probes -- in case they are inspired, by their own angel, to break Cosmic Law or practice spell-casting, necromancy, geomancy, & other dark arts -- that is, go to the dark side. It was a Nephalim angel who inspired Adolph Hitler & his programs of war. That Nephalim angel has been annihilated. Seeing a Noph does not necessarily mean you are ensouled by a Nephalim. Angels who evolved in this universe can have their avatars visited by a Nophere probe too. Seeing a Nophere in your own room means your angel (Higher Self) is being reminded (through you) to stay in line. Ask yourself, "What am I doing that's dangerous, cruel or offensive to the Higher Beings?".... then change your ways & ask the Higher Beings to forgive you. BLUE: A cool blue orb with a dark nucleus is a different elemental called a Neliphere. Insect angels also volunteer to serve God as Nelipheres. But the Neliphere's job is to capture de-evolved ghosts that have dropped to the 1st frequency (1D) & lost their form. These are the black mists or clouds recorded by paranormal investigators. Nelipheres are found at work in cemeteries or church graveyards. They might "vacuum up" a 1D ghost from your home or barn. Nelipheres have been sighted recharging themselves from hydroelectric towers & power lines. They can have streams of blue electricity extending from their orb-like bodies. Neither type of elemental -- Nophere and Neliphere -- are out to harm us. That is not their function.