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#1 Posted on
9/30/2009 2:19:27 AM
by Daniella
I have been thinking about moving to another state for some time now. Over time, I have done several different readings on this for myself. My latest reading was a true confirmation that in leaving where I am now and relocating, I would be placing some tings behind me and moving into a space where I would be very successful. This confirmed an in-person reading with a professional reader friend of mine who channeled a reading for me. (She reads the Tarot, but she also has hte ability to channel, and that is what I asked her to do.) This reading (and the confirmationbetween the two readings) gave me great confidence int he decisions that I was making.
#2 Posted on
10/2/2009 1:13:38 PM
by Lilith
I really like it when I can get conformation on something. It sounds as if you are headed in a very good idrection here! Wishing you a timely, empowering move. :)