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About Iris

Iris has a talent for providing insight, clarity and direction at every step.  She is known for being exceptionally kind, compassionate, and very accurate. Dedicated to her clients, she provides clear, usable, information and delivers it with respect and understanding.  Her ultimate goal is to help others find greater peace of mind and personal success.  


Iris has been psychic her entire life and has been practicing as a professional advisor for over 20 years.  Psychic ability runs in Iris’ family, so it was no surprise that she inherited the gift of clairvoyance.  She first knew she was psychic as a young girl when her dreams began coming true.   

Over the years Iris has had many spiritual teachers and mentors in metaphysics, astrology, numerology, world religion and meditation.  She has taught workshops on psychic phenomenon,  dream interpretation and understanding the signs and messages that are shown to us by spirit.  No matter what unexpected challenges life brings us, the Divine remains the content, unchangeable dependable force that guides us through it all.  


In her consultations, Iris relies mostly on her psychic abilities, including clairvoyance and clairaudience.  She also tarot cards, as well as life coaching and personal empowerment tools.  The scope of her readings is broad, covering love, relationships, friendships, and workplace dynamics.  
She is also known to cover issues related to everyday stress, dating, marriage, divorce, finance, career, personal development spirituality, goal setting, listening skills and use of intuition.  She demonstrates compassion beyond belief, yet manages to infuse her sense of humor when the time is right. 


Iris says her true satisfaction is helping people find their answers to life’s challenges and mysteries.  
Of course, what is ultimately most important is one’s relationship with oneself. When you call her, you deserve the truth, clarity and authentic psychic insight.  

Praise for Iris

Her greatest reward has been knowing that she has helped many find peace of mind, confidence in their relationship, and trust in themselves.  The greatest compliment she has received professionally is being told that she has a made a difference in someone’s life. 

Favorite Quote

 “No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.”  - Aesop


10/24/2014 5:59:23 PM UTC
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Praise for Iris

Reviews are a great way to find the advisor that's right for you. Here's what Iris's happy clients have to say.

"Thank you "

Iris with the soothing voice that understands my story inside and out. She unfolds for me answers and validates my feelings. You are an angel.

- Kathykay


You're absolutely right, he does have a lot of trust issues due to a series of bad relationships. It finally made sense when I asked why he doesn't always follow through with plans and you said because he's trying not to fall for me because he's afraid I will break his heart. Reading was detailed and made perfect sense

- Mistressleia


Iris is never lazy in doing her job. This is very important! Sometimes I thought an advisor might not be serious enough with the issues as if she were saying to herself, $ I'm not losing my job anyway! $ ... I can count on Iris to be serious.

- *libra*rising


I think Iris almost forgets herself when she derives the answer to a client's question. The average psychic would pull and ''see'' his or her answer through his or her personality and views on life. Iris' answers are untainted! (you don't want a doctor who would say your temperature is too low without taking your temperature because he or she has a fever)

- *libra*rising

"Was never off"

So, if I had a more personal connection with her, if she felt my feelings, Iris would've been a counselor for me. But she was never %off% with any answer (result, fact). The tone may have been off at times, because her perceptions of where I was coming from weren't right, but her answers were never inaccurate. Even when the words she used weren't of my taste. They reflected the truth.

- *libra*rising

"Does her work as real work"

Sometimes I was uncoomfortable with the way she described things, but those were from miscommunications (such as my complaint from spring 2013 that she sounded as though I was about to give up on my man) and simply not catching me personally (my emotions and views). Iris really *reads* the story as a reader, instead of mergiing with the client. Just like a weather forecaster not identifying himself with the clouds but *looking* at the clouds. (lol)

- *libra*rising

"yet another word"

Dear Iris, I remember saying I was calling you here so that I could write a nice feedback. Well, they had a technical problem, and my calls weren't coming up... So that's the reason for this delay. Hope all is well with you, and your flowers! Thanks again for the consolation you provided me regarding my perpetrator, guy, and me...

- *libra*rising

"just another word"

I called almost 10 advisors on the matter (if my guy is gonna stay friends with my perpetrator or not). Almost everybody said my guy will show my perpetrator that he wasn't friends with the person anymore. The way Iris delivered her answer relieved me the most. It was her sincerity and the timing and my begging to hear the truth, altogether. But I must credit Iris for this.

- *libra*rising

"Iris gave me so much peace"

I was very grateful when Iris told me that my guy keeps his loyalty with me. A few weeks after Iris said this, my guy PROVED to me that he indeed does. It was evident in his words and his tone. He didn't forgive my perpetrator. My guy is really on my side, Iris. Thank you......

- *libra*rising

"Thank You "

Thank you for your beautiful voice, caring and lovely readings that inspire me

- KattKay


told me its not over for me and him

- jodine


good reader

- jodine

"Always reliable!"

Iris is a very solid reader. Accurate and great guidance! Thank you.

- Gypsette


Super accurate and compassionate!

- Sunshine

"Blessed "

I am blessed to have met Iris and have her as my adviser. She is gifted, accurate and understanding in all that she does. I fully trust her readings and know whenever I connect with her she has my best interest at heart. I have spent a lot of time with her and I am blessed she is a part of my life.

- terressac


Iris is a very gifted and compassionate psychic. She is very accurate and always a pleasure to speak with. I trust what she tells me and know I can go to her any time for support with my situation and needs.I know you will enjoy speaking with her and will trust her as I do. .

- terressac


Very accurate reading, will take her advice and give him until February before I decide to leave for good

- Mistressleia

"Very Professional"

Iris displays a well-controlled, extremely stable and trained manner of carrying out the art of psychic reading. The missing star is not about any lack of ability. Sometimes it is just difficult for me the Client to Send my vibration with the exact meaning of my question. It is also not possible for a human being to analyse All the composing factors of another person's emotional/psychological/spiritual state, needs, or flavor, to completely avoid misunderstandings and give the right treatment. I write for myself as a reminder and for other customers as well: With any advisor, especially if you're trying the advisor for the first time or you have a little nervousness, try to open up little by little, and wait till you are sure of the connection, then ask your main question.

- *libra*rising

"Understood my background"

Iris caught my background very well, concerning how I came to live the life I am living now... It was quite amazing, as I had never told her about this. This reading was like a counseling session, and it gave me clarity as to how I should approach my problem, my psychoioligal block that keeps me from going on with my life.

- I-delle


Another great reading!

- Mistressleia