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Zodiac Sign: Gemini
Years Experience: 34 Years
Specialties: Psychics , Life Questions, Career & Finances, Pet Psychics, Dream Interpretation, Looking for Love, Soulmate Connections, Marriage & Family , Breaking Up & Divorce, Cheating, Palm Readings

Since 1975, Terri has studied Tarot, Palmistry, Dream Interpretation and Astrology. She attended the University of Toledo’s Theater Arts Program where she was offered a position as psychic for the City of Toledo Festivity one Halloween. There after Terri did psychic readings for the theater cast parties and psychic fairs throughout Ohio.

She relocated to the Los Angeles area in 1990 where she established herself as a leader in the field of metaphysics. She worked for the Metaphysical Self Awareness Center in Burbank, Every Woman’s Village in Burbank, Queen of Cups coffee house in Venice, Café Bellisimo’s in Woodland Hills where she was a guest artist and did one person stage acts, Kenny Kingston’s Infomercial in1993 and gave readings at numerous Psychic fairs, private parties and restaurants throughout Los Angeles.

While living in the Los Angeles area she pet sat for many home owners while they traveled. Terri also assisted at the Blue Cross Pet Hospital where she established her ability to understand pets and their needs.

Terri attended numerous workshops and seminars in the metaphysics including self healing and meditation.

In 1996,Terri relocated to Scottsdale Arizona. She did pet psychic readings for many pet owners and at pet fairs as well. She continues working as a metaphysician guidance counselor for psychic fairs throughout the state of Arizona.


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By: jodine

she told me good things and how to handle the situation with kids father


By: tina3703

good good good


Awesome Reader
By: Creole38

Really gets to the point. I shopped online for awhile as I had a good reader before. So far many of the things she said have come true as I waited until I could actually see what she was talking about before I rated. I think it's better to do that instead of trying to rate when you don't know what the results are...otherwise you are just rating what they make you feel like.


didnt say much
By: shokdnamazd

Was not very accurate,or to the point.


By: tubby2707

Dissappointing reading. Though I asked a very specific question she provided generic responses that didn't align with my situation.


By: amaris30

Very passionate , straight forward and she is on point. . Terri thank you


By: lala0328

She immediately tuned into what I was feeling with just my name snd DOB. Would definitely tead with her again and recommrnd her to anyone. She is terrific!


By: mastermind1

I like her and how she uses her cards to answer questions completely!! And honestly!


By: life & love

She was so right.


By: curious29

she wasn't very sure of herself. she kept giving me the wrong information.