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From an early age, Kathy began experiencing prophetic dreams and intuitive and empathic impressions.  Over the years, she acquired many colorful life experiences and ventured down a variety of career paths.  However, she finally decided it was time to begin to use her intuitive abilities to connect with and guide others.  As a result, she has been on this path of helping others professionally for the last 25 years.


Having studied the tarot, numerology, and runes extensively, Kathy has found them to be excellent divination tools.   They help to bring definition and clarity to both the questions and the truth residing inside all.

She believes a "psychic reading" is actually an exchange of spiritual energy between the reader and the client.  Together, they access the wisdom already within the client's possession.  This enables the client to bring his or her own unique gifts to process, bringing forth realization of their dreams, and to navigating their own spiritual journey.


Being highly empathic toward our animal friends, Kathy will also do readings on your pets.
She is looking forward to taking that exploration with you punctuated with laughter and imagination. `


2/6/2016 11:14:07 AM UTC
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Praise for Kathy

Reviews are a great way to find the advisor that's right for you. Here's what Kathy's happy clients have to say.


Catching up on feedback, Kathy is great!!

- Abbygirl


Great reader, she's very accurate!!

- Abbygirl


Really great person to talk to.

- Abbygirl

"Thanks "

Your insight was helpful!!

- D

"Excellent Connection, spot on!!"

This advisor is one of about three to four advisors of PsychicPower that is truly worthy of my time AND money. She not only has a warm, caring spirit, but I am ever amazed at her uncanny accuracy and ability to tune-in on each situation. I have been speaking with Kathy for awhile now and can, in good conscience, highly recommend her.

- Romanaire

"The Real Deal!"

Kathy is the real deal. Intuitive, honest and great with predictions. Give her a call!

- CaliGal

"Simply Awesome"

Kathy is a reliable, solid reader. I have asked her the same questions over and over, and she is there every time - solid as a rock. Her insight is priceless and she is honest with what she sees. look forward to speaking to her again. Thanks Kathy for your unconditional support!

- Sunshine

"I think she was right..."

I think Kathy was right about my guy having narrowed his choices down to two people to ... join our team, so to speak. I enjoyed her frank attitude, too!

- *libra*rising


Kathy is super solid, insightful and very accurate. She is great with predictions, and helping explain what others are thinking and feeling. I have called her for many years now, and I consider her to be a trustworthy source of accurate insight. Great! And I love that she is on so many hours - it's so nice to have someone to count on when something unexpected comes up!

- A.

"The BEST"

Helps provide clarity and insight and allows you to think about situations differently. Kathy has been my go to for months. I call her weekly sometimes to just run information or thoughts by her. She is awesome!!

- BCGirl79

"Love her!"

Love her!!

- BCGirl79

"Call her all the time"

I call Kathy a lot but it is not because I second guess her. It is because she has been accurate!!

- BCGirl79


You were right again on him contacting.. you are always right.

- BCGirl79


Catching up on my feedbacks for Kathy. She is a wonderful person to talk to!!

- BCGirl79

"Correct predictions - timing slightly off"

Received interview request week after Kathi predicted and am pending an offer 2 weeks after her prediction. Though not in the area she predicted. So the best part was her accuracy on interview I didn't apply for and potential offer. Frankly, that's what matters!

- sassy_v

"Always Calms Me"

I have been talking to Kathy regularly for the past few months and she has helped me lots. Many things she has predicted have been accurate and I will return to her always.

- BCGirl79

"Always on Point"

Been speaking to Kathy sometime now and really enjoy her readings. She is always on point. Said I would see him tonight and she was right! Thank you.

- Jersey girl


Awesome and accurate. Love talking to her

- lilswtmiss17

"Great advice"

Great Advice picked up on some things without me expressing them would use this person again

- Snk8

"Easy to talk to"

I will continue to call Kathy. She is easy to talk to, has a good sense of humor, understanding, funny, and most importantly - accurate!

- lilswtmiss17