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About White Owl

White Owl is a free spirit who answers to the call of the Goddess. A seeker in the tradition of the Olde Earth Religion, White Owl regularly offers homage to the four winds, the four directions, the four elements and the great Pagan deities of the Graeco-Roman and Celtic traditions. Her special tutelary deities are the Greek Hekate, Hermes, Dionysos, Apotaxias, Themis, and Terminus, the Roman Diana, Aradia, Nortia, and Faunus, and the Celtic Ceridwen or Danu and Cernunnos. She also reveres the tradition of Morgana Le Fey within the Celtic lineage.

White Owl welcomes the followers of all traditions of the earth religions, including Native American, Norse, African, South American, Shamanistic, and others. She is also honored to confer with seekers in the New Age, Judeo-Christian and Asian traditions.

Her Gifts

White Owl is an expert interpreter of signs. She began interpreting signs for other seekers over forty years ago after a near death experience revealed the spirit-side of existence. Since that time, she has helped many to identify the most constructive path. She feels that guidance is present for everyone at all times; it’s just a matter of tuning in and reading the message. Signs can come through nature, dreams, the words of other people, and many other channels and she has a keen vision for spotting the message hidden in plain sight.

Her tools are astrology, cards, and straight intuition. She is a practiced listener and always pays close attention to the thoughts her callers bring to the conversation. These she relates to the signs given to help the seeker understand the message.

Her Specialties

White Owl is particularly gifted at helping callers determine the best course of action given their core spiritual values. She is a skilled listener and connects quickly with others. Callers who are struggling with a complex situation and can’t seem to settle on a right course of action would strongly benefit from conferring with her.

Her Style

Acknowledging the integrity in each spirit, White Owl feels that truth and wisdom reside in us all. She understands that it is her role to help that knowledge come forth from within us. But she knows our situations are all different and sometimes it may call for listening while other times it may call for straight talk. Although she is able to pierce through the haze of confusing situations, she does not use this ability as a way to outsmart or impress her callers. And while deeply respecting the intelligence of all her callers, White Owl does not shrink from bringing the truth right out in the open. She wants her callers to go away from the reading empowered to manage the challenges of life and her reading style reflects that interest. She always tries to end each reading with the recommendation of a few action steps designed to help the seeker call on his or her inner power.

White Owl’s Philosophy

White Owl believes that life is meant to be a rich and enjoyable experience within the bounty and beauty of nature. She recognizes that all creatures exist within the cycles of time which are decreed by the wisdom of nature. She feels that there is meaning in these times and seasons. That meaning is often revealed by what happens at the special power points of the year (the solstices, equinoxes, and half-way points in between) plus the New and Full Moons of each month.

Divination is a method of connecting with the higher intelligences of existence in order to understand situations and to evaluate potential decisions, no matter what the time of year or month. She feels that there is always a way, or even several ways, to change one’s situation for the better. These ways are often made clear in a time of quiet in natural surroundings or in a deep conversation with a trusted and clear spirit like White Owl.

A Success Story to Share

A recent occurrence with a Psychic Power client illustrates White Owl’s approach.

One of our dear client friends suffered the sudden and unexpected death of a young family member. The emotional jolt was so great that a deep downward spiral of depression set in. Over the course of a two-year period, the client checked in with White Owl often, sometimes emotionally crushed by the burden of a terrific confusion, which led to various forms of self-destructive behavior as the grieving client displaced her grief into a perilous pattern of acting out impulsively. White Owl listened carefully and patiently through each call and bit by bit, she was able to focus the caller on better ways to handle the grief and to build human relations based on real communication. Today, the client has attained perspective and is living a stable, productive existence through solid family connections and meaningful community service. This caller has credited White Owl with being instrumental in saving her life.

White Owl’s Personal Life

White Owl’s personal passion is the art of making music. She is an inspired magical flutist, playing in the classical, jazz, blues, pop, sacred, Celtic, improvisational and eclectic genres. She is also a student of music theory and of piano.

When she’s not at home practicing music or out performing, White Owl can be found wandering the back-country water-ways of her home state, North Carolina, where she is an avid trail hiker and observer of nature.

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Praise for White Owl

Reviews are a great way to find the advisor that's right for you. Here's what White Owl's happy clients have to say.

"Just what I needed "

Rarely do you find a reader that can combine advice and perspective but still remind you that your choices and destiny are your own. I called after being frustrated with my man and she told me that he would come around in Apr/May but that I should focus on empowering myself and be thankful for how blessed I already am, with or without him. It was exactly what I needed to hear and wonder why I haven't called her more often. Thank you White Owl.

- Mistressleia

"the best psychic medium ever"

I called white owl during what has been one of the most difficult times in my entire life. She was extremely accurate and very compassionate. I provided almost no information and was speechless anyway due to her accuracy of information that she provided regarding my situation. I am forever grateful for this reading because it gave me the peace that I so greatly needed. What an awesome reader and person. I was very satisfied with the reading and give the highest recommendation to this reader. Please call white owl. Thank you again for everything. I will definitely call back very soon.

- faithhopelove2014


A reading with White Owl is truly a gift. She is wise, insightful and truly picks up on the energy of any situation. Accurate.

- BluBell

"Good reading"

Was off regarding timing which i know is never exact, but she always describes my man to a t when I ask about our relationship

- Mistressleia


First time caller she was amazing she gave details and read very precisely.

- leowoman24

"Glad I gave her another try"

Previous reading was off, maybe I caught her on a bad day or she was tapping into someone's energy around me and not me, but today was on point. Explained very well and gave me a new perspective regarding my relationship with my significant other. Predicted an engagement in Sept which is what others have told me so hopefully prediction comes to pass

- Mistressleia

"White Owl is Pure"

Idk where to begin other than saying WOW !! She IS absolutely AMAZING !! Told me completely about my situation w/o my saying much of anything & told me about the personalities of the individuals I inquired about. She hit the nail on the head with perfect precision. She also confirmed for me like many others that I'll be making the right choices/decisions for my life. On a scale of 1-10, I'll give her an (11)....:-) she was just that precise & good. I'll definitely call her again....& soon !! Thx White Owl <3

- BadBaby76

"Sweet, Smart & Accurate"

It is a pleasure speaking with White Owl. She is a very wise, kind, caring and accurate reader. I have found her to be on point, and she has an amazing presence about her. Give her a try!

- A.

"Thank Yo So VERY Much"

Dear White Owl, I cannot express to you how brilliant of a messenger/light/blessing you were to me yesterday in the reading. You were crystal clear and so direct that even a child would have gotten it all and understood what the spirits wanted me to know. All I can say is thank you and send my warm wishes and blessings hopefully. I wish you were online more, as I rarely have ever seen you. I will watch for you, nonetheless, and thank you so much, again.

- Dawn


I was given a lot of new info.....will see

- Clear


Excellent as always!

- Mistressleia

"accurate accurate"

that nite its like she was god send she told me so many good things about how to handle life with my kidd father and she also told to be patient in life she was accurate about all she told me she didnt give me no fairly tale stories she make me feel so good after talking to her will call again for sure.

- jodine


Connected immediately, she picked up on a lot of things I never mentioned. Will definitely call back!

- Mistressleia

"i'll always be a fan!"

a friend and a guide

- hope54

"great reading"

if you want a longer reading at a great price...she is your girl

- hope54

"been reading with White Owl for 3yrs!"

good to stay with same readers ..they get to know you and you get to know them... she is great...

- hope54

"thank you, thank you"

always a friend in times of need

- hope54


wish she was on more often

- hope54

"right again"

said I would be throwing this fish back in the lake and she was so right

- hope54

"way overdue to say thank you"

thank you.. thank you

- hope54