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It’s a truth of nature that creatures know how to survive, where to find food, when to flee the footsteps of the hunter, the time for mating, the best place to nest, the moment for migration, how to build a den. All these skills and more are the common knowledge of nature’s creatures. Human beings are also born with special sensing abilities, which reside in the human psyche for the purpose of helping the individual and the community survive and thrive. This kind of knowing might be called a "sixth sense."

Human beings, however, have a harder time of tapping into this sixth sense than animals do. Unlike the creatures of nature, we human beings have this thing called the intellectual mind. It wants to analyze and pass approval on all things, and often does an excellent job of just that. But sometimes, the special knowing of the sixth sense outstrips the intellectual mind, detecting the truth of a situation long before the intellect has time to sort out all the facts. When that happens, the intellect is confronted with the appearance of knowledge for which it can’t account. This, of course, does not invalidate the knowledge which comes from the sixth sense, but it can create a tension in the consciousness of the person unaccustomed to the reception of intuitive information.

It’s been my life path to explore the relationship between the sixth sense and the reasoning mind. In my twenties, I was drawn to the mantic arts, such as Tarot and Astrology. Parallel to this, I followed a conventional education, earning a B.A. in English with a minor in Psychology. I also studied research parapsychology, which applies the principles of scientific observation to psychic phenomena. Throughout, I sought to complement the logical sense with the sixth sense, for the sixth sense gathers information from realms to which logic and the five senses do not go. In fact, I think I can say that now I trust the sixth sense even more than the exclusively logical sense. I am a true diviner at heart, fundamentally inclined to seek the higher vision in all matters.

But just that I should leave no stone unturned, I am also a student of life and all its branches of knowledge, reading widely and interested in many skills. As a young adult in the 1970s, I studied natural healing, including nutrition, herbs, vitamins, and spiritual healing techniques. Around the same time, I delved deeply in astrology as a form of character analysis and predictor of trends. Following that, I became a professional astrologer specializing in both personal and financial astrology, a role I have had now for over 25 years. I have also been a writer and publisher, managing my own small literary press and promoting my own book on the spiritual effects of the star Sirius.
For many decades, I pursued specialized training in meditation as a precursor to the creation of psychic receptivity. The nature of the mind, perception, and truth have always deeply intrigued me, so I studied the ways in which different cultures have grappled with these important elements of life. In fact, I have studied most of the world’s religions and philosophies in my search, as well as a good swath of twentieth-century metaphysicians and New Age thinkers. And most recently, for the last 12 years I’ve studied music and learned to play concert flute in the classical and jazz genres. So as you can see, I am a student of many disciplines as well as a visionary type. Both the rational and the intuitional minds have been important for me.

Fitness, too, has played a large part in my life, as I am an enthusiast of exercise. For the last30 years, I have held to my daily hour of yoga stretches. I have also studied various forms of dance, including ballet, modern, jazz, classical dance of India, aerobics, swing, improvisational, freestyle, and funk. I also love progressive resistance weight training and Pilates, and can be found in the gym just about any day of the week. In addition to enjoying these activities for myself, I have always felt that good diet and sufficient exercise support clarity of mind and the ability of a seer to receive accurate impressions, so I live accordingly. I take my role as astrologer and intuitive very seriously. I know that when I want information, I want it to be reliable, so I make it my business to live in such a way as to deliver the same for others.

The sixth sense has brought me many instances of knowing throughout my lifetime, both in waking and in dreaming consciousness, including simple things like knowing ahead of time when an acquaintance would phone, or more worldly matters such as recognizing a future U.S. president long before he was even a candidate, or again sensing imminent peril in local weather conditions or feeling the approach of important events.

I think all persons have this ability. The challenge is to develop one’s own technique for paying attention to the signals. Over the course of my life, I have learned that my feelings are one of the best guides to truth a person can have. Rather than being an impediment to effective living, feelings are in humans the equivalent of the unfailing sixth sense or instinct in animals. Our highly mechanized culture sometimes discounts the importance of feelings, but my life experience has shown me that feelings are nature’s way of keeping us tuned-in. It’s that simple, and we all have the power.

My life experience has also taught me that sometimes we humans have trouble facing the truth of our feelings alone. Having company in the process seems to help. That’s one of the reasons why I like working with others as a psychic and astrologer. I enjoy sharing time over important matters and helping others connect with the essence of their own experiences. It seems to me there’s a magic in working together that helps the process of owning one’s feelings and feeling the truth, and that’s why you find me here.


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Praise for White Owl

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"Good reading"

Was off regarding timing which i know is never exact, but she always describes my man to a t when I ask about our relationship

- Mistressleia


First time caller she was amazing she gave details and read very precisely.

- leowoman24

"not good"

she told me that i dont need a guy to be happy that happiness will come to me when the times is right

- jodine

"Glad I gave her another try"

Previous reading was off, maybe I caught her on a bad day or she was tapping into someone's energy around me and not me, but today was on point. Explained very well and gave me a new perspective regarding my relationship with my significant other. Predicted an engagement in Sept which is what others have told me so hopefully prediction comes to pass

- Mistressleia

"White Owl is Pure"

Idk where to begin other than saying WOW !! She IS absolutely AMAZING !! Told me completely about my situation w/o my saying much of anything & told me about the personalities of the individuals I inquired about. She hit the nail on the head with perfect precision. She also confirmed for me like many others that I'll be making the right choices/decisions for my life. On a scale of 1-10, I'll give her an (11)....:-) she was just that precise & good. I'll definitely call her again....& soon !! Thx White Owl <3

- BadBaby76

"Sweet, Smart & Accurate"

It is a pleasure speaking with White Owl. She is a very wise, kind, caring and accurate reader. I have found her to be on point, and she has an amazing presence about her. Give her a try!

- A.

"not sure"

no one saw us over but u so time will tell

- jodine

"Thank Yo So VERY Much"

Dear White Owl, I cannot express to you how brilliant of a messenger/light/blessing you were to me yesterday in the reading. You were crystal clear and so direct that even a child would have gotten it all and understood what the spirits wanted me to know. All I can say is thank you and send my warm wishes and blessings hopefully. I wish you were online more, as I rarely have ever seen you. I will watch for you, nonetheless, and thank you so much, again.

- Dawn


I was given a lot of new info.....will see

- Clear

"change of story"

sometimes she change on me for no reason telling me things wont work but at first told me its gonna work so kind of confused now

- jodine


Excellent as always!

- Mistressleia

"accurate accurate"

that nite its like she was god send she told me so many good things about how to handle life with my kidd father and she also told to be patient in life she was accurate about all she told me she didnt give me no fairly tale stories she make me feel so good after talking to her will call again for sure.

- jodine


Connected immediately, she picked up on a lot of things I never mentioned. Will definitely call back!

- Mistressleia

"i'll always be a fan!"

a friend and a guide

- hope54

"great reading"

if you want a longer reading at a great price...she is your girl

- hope54

"been reading with White Owl for 3yrs!"

good to stay with same readers ..they get to know you and you get to know them... she is great...

- hope54

"thank you, thank you"

always a friend in times of need

- hope54


wish she was on more often

- hope54

"right again"

said I would be throwing this fish back in the lake and she was so right

- hope54

"way overdue to say thank you"

thank you.. thank you

- hope54