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Margo is a kind, friendly, cheerful and optimistic psychic with excellent clairvoyance. Margo is compassionate with her clients and gives honest readings to empower the person. She believes that readings by a psychic must be aimed at strengthening the person rather than depressing him or her. Margo is gifted with a number of sixth senses such as clairaudience, empathy, clairvoyance and clairsentience.

Margo was barely 5 years old when she discovered that she had an ability to read people’s minds. Additionally, she used to feel the presence of angels around her. Whenever she came across a person who was not being truthful, she became easily aware of it. Although she has been reading professionally since the year 2002, her experience with psychic readings can be traced back to her teenage years. As a teenager, her fascination with angels and cards continued when she started using playing cards as a tool to obtain answers to questions and slowly graduated onto the Tarot.

She has had many of her dreams come true and has had a number of instances of clairvoyance on accidents that happened shortly thereafter; the most significant of them being about the World Trade Centre mishap. Margo’s husband is a World Trade Centre survivor and Margo had dreams and warnings about the unfortunate day. Margo and her husband were at WTC around two weeks before the incident when she looked up at the sky and wondered what will happen if plane crashed there; something that was to turn into reality 15 days later. Margo also dreamt about her father in law crying in front of her husband begging him not to go to his office at WTC. A number of Margo’s family members have also been gifted with sixth senses but they have ignored them.

Margo practices other types of developmental practices such as love spells, pendulum, and automatic writing. She makes use of pendulums, tarot and runes to carry out her spiritual readings.

The fact that Margo has herself experienced deep pain makes her compassionate towards others who are in distress. She aims her readings at letting people know that better days are soon going to arrive. Margo gets thrilled when her prediction comes true and the person excitedly comes to her to tell that it happened. Her favorite quote is “Love Will Follow Me” and she believes in giving love to get loved. A proud mother, Margo loves spending time with her kids and talking on the phone.


8/21/2014 12:04:27 PM UTC
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8/21/2014 7:00:00 PM UTC

Praise for Margo

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Reading from 7/21 she said I would get an offer on my house and also get engaged within 3 weeks. Neither came to pass but she's still a wonderful soul to talk to. She told me the dates might be off. Would still call back though

- Mistressleia


Good reading

- Mistressleia


Good reading, quick and to the point. She always seems to genuinely care about whatever you're asking abouy

- Mistressleia



- lilswtmiss17

"top reader"

what make her special to me is that she put her self in my situation and feel my pain and she still feel we gonna be together me and my hubby girl u always bring a smile in my face each time we talk . im so happy you here magro . i hit the jackpot again.

- jodine


Margo is so sweet and accurately reads my situation!

- Belove

"Great reading"

I spoke to Margo for the first time and i am pleased with her reading. We connected right away, she was also very pleasant and pleasure to talk to. What she sees makes sense to my situation and i hope that her reading would pan out. I highly recommend her..

- etj143


05/27/2014 another great reading she dont see that lady been prego still feel we will be together

- jodine


Great reading! Wonderful connection. She tuned in right away and described my situation without me saying a word. Truly wonderful, honest and to the point. Thank you so much.

- rheannon

"all I can say is WOW!"

Just had my first reading with Margo and all I can say is WOW! She hit the nail on the head in describing the person I was calling about. She even knew what he did for a living without me even saying a word. Very exited and looking forward to the future outcome. Margo you are phenomenal! Very caring and empathetic. Will definitely call again.

- rheannon

"another great reading"

05/07/2014 another great reading with her she inform me to just wait and you was correct he was with hes gran ma and hes friends not what i taught lol .

- jodine


Margo perfectly described my neighbors whom I was uncomfortable with! One was a [lonely] woman, chasing me for a long time, and another was [reserved] one, observing me as if she were the teacher. The best part was that MY thoughts became Clear by talking things out with Margo. I was actually the one looking down on the (second) neighbor because of what she does. Margo also described my man's personality as *determined*, and said many positive things about him and me :) thanxxx

- *libra*rising


04/28/2014 as always great reader she s honest and accurate and dont change her stories told me by may or june my life will be better with my kids father.

- jodine


03/24/2014 she was supper nice to me and was honest and accurate still feel that me ans my kids father will reunite around april or may so we shall see.she see the number 5 i did hit 800 at the casino that day

- jodine

"Margo!! 5 stars for the prediction!! "

Margo, you were SPOT ON with the date I should expect to get what I wanted! You said: By next Thursday. It came THURSDAY!! Great!! Other advisors were very off (one said two weeks before, one said three weeks after, one said almost never..)

- *libra*rising

"Loved her"

Had a great reading with Margo. Picked up on things without me talking about them. Very easy going to a pleasure to talk to. Will absolutely call her again.

- cusper

"Have a feeling that her prediction is right"

I do have a feeling that her prediction is right, I do believe she responded to my question itself sincerely and professionally. Please note that my ratings are not generous anymore. The reason for not giving a higher rating is that something Margo said out of her non-psychic knowledge was incorrect, and that she added an information about her life which was unnecessary (although it was less than a minute that she used for this unwanted comment).

- *libra*rising

"not sure"

at first with the 5 card she say he wont change hes always gonna cheat but with the 3 card she told me we gonna reconcile and he can change so kind of confused to me will see what happen

- jodine

"Good Reading"

Was very on target with reading but timeline was off

- bethm1234

"Great Reader"

She got right into the situation and read the people accurately. Margo is wonderful give her a try.