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Marti has been psychic her entire life. In order to gain a better understanding of spirituality, she has involved herself heavily in the study of metaphysics. As a result, she has become extremely well versed in the interpretation of astrology, Tarot, and aura reading.

Of all her studies, Marti is the most intrigued by the revelations made by prisms of crystals, an art she learned from American Indians while living in Albuquerque, New Mexico. She had the wonderful experience of sharing her gifts and knowledge with them, and they with her. Over the course of a three year period, Marti learned the art of divining Truth which lies deep within various crystals. She moved from Albuquerque with a different awareness and a new tool to use in her readings. Her experience was profound.

Marti is a bright light, and a reading with her reflects that. She is positive, energetic, and dedicated to providing the truth. According to Marti, "the crystal ball tells quite a story....your story." Find out what it reveals about you!


8/21/2014 12:23:09 AM UTC
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8/21/2014 8:00:00 PM UTC

Praise for Marti

Reviews are a great way to find the advisor that's right for you. Here's what Marti's happy clients have to say.

"I do not have any words to describe her deep accuracy and predictions"

Every time I feel down Marti is there for me with her conscientious efforts in delving deep into my situation and describing events to take place and present situation. Her predictions are happening just the way she sees and says it honestly. You are a Gem!

- "Spiritual Guru"

"Finally received an answer that made sense "

Almost every reader I had spoken with said my man's biggest fear was that he would lose me because I would cheat or find someone else. I didn't understand that because I've never cheated and haven't ever given him a reason to think I would cheat. When I finally was able to talk to Marti she finally gave me answer that made sense. She told me he was afraid I would leave him yes, but because he's afraid I'll get bored with him or think he's too quirky. Thank you again Marti!

- Mistressleia

"Another great reading"

On 7/26 Marti told me my man would be introducing me to his friends soon, I was hopeful but didn't believe her. She proved me wrong of course as I met his friends a couple of weeks later.

- Mistressleia

"Great with dates"

Love how the dates Marti gives usually come out to mean something, She told me on 7/5 that 8/11-8/15 would be good days for me and they definitely were. Not just a good day at work, but had very meaningful conversations with my man during this time period

- Mistressleia

"Marti was correct"

Marti was correct in that my man would start opening up more and is more willing to show his true feelings. Was also correct in that he was overwhelmed with work and that I would not see him the weekend of his birthday. Also picked up on the fact that he was out of town with his sister without me having tell her.

- Mistressleia

"Accurate as always"

Spoke with Marti on 6/29 and she said I would get a showing on my house around 7/4 and she was right. Also said I would see my distance bf between the 7/13-7/15 and I saw him on 7/15. Can't wait for the rest of her predictions to come true!

- Mistressleia

"Pleasantly surprised"

Reading from 7/5: Her timing is usually spot on or very close to the dates she gives but I was surprised when she told me I would hear from him by 9:00 (it was a little after 7:00 when I called) and that if not then I would definitely hear from him the next day. Pleasantly surprised to hear from him an hour after our call as well as the next day!

- Mistressleia

"Marti is good "

She's good but you'll go broke talking to her in the first five minutes.

- Missmelinda87


Absolutely love her on point

- Ambition


Accurate as always, from a reading in May you said he was "learning" how to pursue me, which is new for him since he's used to women chasing him. Now in the middle of June I can see what you mean :)

- Mistressleia



- dave1985


Love how accurate Marti is and how in depth she explains whatever situation or person is in question. She always helps me see all sides and all points of view

- Mistressleia


05/01/2014 she told me that me and my kids father was over for good and that he does care but she dont see him coming back other reader have told me hes gonna come back so in time i will see what happen but she was nice and make sure i understand all she was saying to me . thank you hun.

- jodine


Her readings are always so in depth she answers my questions sometimes before I've even asked them. Said today was a good day to reach out to him and she was right :)

- Mistressleia

"Wonderful as always "

No other reader goes into such astrological detail like Marti does. And not just sun signs, but moon signs as well, which has given me a new level of insight and understanding about my relationship that other readers who read strictly in black and white often read incorrectly. She's just awesome!

- Mistressleia

"Right on the money "

Said 3/20 would be a very good day for him according to his chart and it turned out to be an awesome day for us both, we finally saw each other for the first time in 3 months.

- Mistressleia

"Always Great!"

I have read with Marti consistently over the last few years. She has been great with predicting many events in my life and is always able to read other people's energy with great accuracy. Thongs have played out as she has explained to me, with her timing being fantastic. She always helps me to understand the big picture - focusing on how to use whatever is happening for my own personal development. She will give you the news as she sees it, and help you see how you can use that to grow. I would say she has really been like a Life Coach for me. Thank you Marti!

- A.

"One of the best readings I ever received"

I've spoken with Marti several times but this was by far one of the best readings I've had from any advisor. We connected very well that day and she tapped into my boyfriend in a way that explained everything so well I didn't even need to ask any additional questions. Marti is always quick and doesn't waste your time or money. I don't understand how anyone could give her a bad review

- Mistressleia

"From a reading in December "

Catching up on feedback and you predicted I would meet someone new between December and mid Feb, it didn't happen but then again I wasnt looking. Am still taking your advice and am being patient with my current boyfriend.

- Mistressleia

"You are Incredible"

Thank you for your abilities, The best ever for astrology and insights

- Kathykay