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Marti has been psychic her entire life. In order to gain a better understanding of spirituality, she has involved herself heavily in the study of metaphysics. As a result, she has become extremely well versed in the interpretation of astrology, Tarot, and aura reading.

Of all her studies, Marti is the most intrigued by the revelations made by prisms of crystals, an art she learned from American Indians while living in Albuquerque, New Mexico. She had the wonderful experience of sharing her gifts and knowledge with them, and they with her. Over the course of a three year period, Marti learned the art of divining Truth which lies deep within various crystals. She moved from Albuquerque with a different awareness and a new tool to use in her readings. Her experience was profound.

Marti is a bright light, and a reading with her reflects that. She is positive, energetic, and dedicated to providing the truth. According to Marti, "the crystal ball tells quite a story....your story." Find out what it reveals about you!


1/25/2015 3:45:19 AM UTC
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Praise for Marti

Reviews are a great way to find the advisor that's right for you. Here's what Marti's happy clients have to say.

"One of my favorites by far"

Marti is just awesome, she's only one here who can accurately read your astrology chart, and not just based on sun signs but the entire chart. Just love her!

- Mistressleia

"Correct as usual"

Said I would probably see my man between 1/15-1/17 (saw him on 1/16) and that our communication after 1/16 would get so much better, and he will feel he can confide in me about anything. Here it is only a few days later and I have already noticed a change in him. Her accuracy is scary sometimes, it's hard to doubt what she says will happen, it often does just the way she says it will.

- Mistressleia

"Amazing as always"

One of my favorites by far, her readings are always spot on and the dates she gives actually mean something unlike most on here. She is a true psychic!

- Mistressleia

"Thank You Again"

You're the best

- dave1985

"Thank You Again"

You're the best as always

- dave1985

"Thank You!"

You're the best!

- dave1985

"Marti Was Right!"

Marti was right on with a lot of things that were only known by me!

- scar

"Another 10 star reading "

Marti goes into such detail, and usually answers my questions before I ask them. Just love her!

- Mistressleia


I spent some time with Marti. She was very intuitive. She was very detailed in my situation and said things by verbatim that was said in my situation. Very gifted woman. This is not about being nice, which she was, but about just getting details in my situation that leads me to believe she has it right. Lovely woman.

- Carefree1

"Always 5 stars "

Am never disappointed in my readings with Marti, just love her! Call her, you won't regret it

- Mistressleia

"Still get amazed every time"

From a reading on 11/19 she said I might see my man again between 12/12-12/16 and I was overjoyed when he surprised me on 12/12. Thanks again Marti!

- Mistressleia

"Not sure how she does it"

On a reading from 10/27 she told me she wasn't sure why she was telling me this, but said my new house might not close until around 12/6. I've been waiting to leave feedback as this one had me puzzled since the offer was accepted 10/1 and was originally set to close in Nov. I was shocked when my agent told me the seller asked to reschedule the closing until 12/5. Marti is one of the best when it comes to dates. Bar none!

- Mistressleia

"Right on the money"

I hadn't heard from my man in a few weeks and began to wonder if it was over, Marti told me he was working longer hours in the navy than he ever has before. She told me he didn't want to go too long without talking and that by the end of October everything would be back to normal. She was dead right! Thanks again Marti!

- Mistressleia

"More than 5 stars "

Excellent as always, Marti always answers my questions in depth yet never wastes time. She tunes in quickly and no matter how many weeks pass in between readings, she always remembers me and my situation. No matter far off I think her predictions are at the time, they always comes to pass as she says.

- Mistressleia

"Amazing as always"

I don't know how she does it but from a reading on 10/2 she said I would meet more of my man's friends on 11/14. When we talked on 11/1 he said he was planning a get together for me and a couple of his friends that I haven't met yet. Marti is one of my favorites by far! Always blown away with her accuracy

- Mistressleia

"A True Psychic"

I spoke with Marti In the beginning of October. She made predictions, some have already come to pass. She said that I would be extremely frustated with the man n question during the following week and I was.. I wanted to write him out of my life. He is very slow with moving the relationship along and she knew this. Said that I would meet a guy whose name started with a T and I did. Picked up on a work from home job... I had had an interview with an insurance co for a work at home job. Hopefully I get the job. Gave me a couple of dates for a turnaround with the guy n question. Those dates have not come yet so I will update. She will be my number one from now on. She gives so much detail it's scary. Thanks and I will be calling soon.

- Msmeme


Hands down one of the best advisors I've spoken to on this site! She didn't ask many questions, just for a name and birth date, and was immediately able to describe the person I was asking about very clearly. She was very specific and gave details about this person that none of the other advisors picked up on. She really tuned into the situation, and was honest about what she saw. She didn't tell me what I wanted to hear, but was very compassionate and empathetic in her delivery. She is definitely the real deal!!

- kyl118

"Real deal"

I told her nothing. Crazy psychic intuitive from the start. As other psychics I tend to lead, she picked up on a break up and the time frame before I said or lead anything. She resonated. Would recommend and call again.

- Mikala799

"I appreciate her unique way of explaining my relationship"

Unlike some other psychics Marti is able to look at all aspects of a persons astrological chart and how the position of the planets is affecting a situation. I appreciate her unique way of explaining my relationship with my significant other

- Mistressleia

"Still amazes me with her accuracy"

She told me 8/12 that in September I would get an offer on my house but not to get my hopes as it would fall through or not be a good offer. Sure enough 9/22 I got a crappy offer from an investment firm for only 1/2 of my asking price. I definitely turned it down. Hopefully she is right and that the real offer will come in October

- Mistressleia