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Learning To Read The Tarot – Sample Reading

17 June 2009

“I feely open my heart, and my mind, to the images in front of me.”

This week we are going to be working through a sample Tarot reading. The question being asked is: “What would be helpful for us to know about the current economy?” The position definitions are:

  1. Seeker
  2. Spiritual perspective
  3. Physical perspective
  4. Emotional perspective
  5. Mental perspective

The card drawn for the Seeker is placed in the middle of the other four cards, as he/she is affected by each of them. The card representing Spirit is placed to the right of the Seeker. The card representing the physical is placed beneath the Seeker. The card representing emotions is placed to the left of the Seeker. The card representing the mental perspective (thoughts) is placed above the Seeker.

The cards that were drawn (from the Robin Wood deck) were:
  1. Seeker – Six of Swords
  2. Spiritual perspective – Ten of Cups
  3. Physical perspective – Four of Cups
  4. Emotional perspective – King of Cups
  5. Mental perspective – The Hanged Man

These cards were drawn after a thorough shuffle – they were not selected “for effect”. Looking at all of the cards (I place all cards face up at the beginning of the reading), I note the following: (1) that thoughts of the economy are a highly emotional issue for all of us (preponderance of Cups), (2) that we are coning into our own truth on this issue (Six of Swords), and that we need to widen the way that we look at this issue (The Hanged Man).

The Six’s indicate a time of success after the challenge of the Five’s. We are coming into our own personal wisdom. The Six of Swords indicates that this success is in the realm of overcoming our fears, of facing our shadows and integrating them. We are setting new goals, and taking the necessary steps to move forward to those goals. We are doing well in a time that carries great challenge. It is hard to find the “why” of the current economic crisis because it is so widespread, and involves so many different aspects of life. One point of commonality that we are seeing is human fault – greed, and not living in the present enough to accept responsibility for our actions.

From a Spiritual perspective, we have drawn a card of “family”. Family can be our biological family, our extended family, our community, our nation, or the human race as a whole. This is a card of intuition (water), and a card of celebration. Within the constraints of “family” we are celebrating the fact that we are at least stumbling our way through this economic crisis. We are finding joy in the new ways that we are reinventing our lives. Ten is also the completion of a cycle. We will stay here for a short time, and then we will begin a new cycle, with the wisdom gained from facing this crisis. This time our foundations will be stronger, the houses that we build (metaphorically and physically) will be more permanent.

From a physical perspective (the real life/real world perspective), we are not doing so well. Again, we are working with emotions (water), only this time we are feeling distressed, unhappy that our decisions have not lead us to a happier place. The lesson here is for us to see life as it really is. If it looks too good to be true, it generally is! This card can also indicate depression – which is something that the current economical crisis has acted as a push button for. We need to remember that the Pips (numbered cards) are not written in stone. We do not have to stay in this time of unhappiness and distress. We need to take inventory of were we are, how we got there, and identify small steps that we can take to rebuild our lives. This is also a good time to re-examine the vision that we have for our life, an whether it really reflects who we are.

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From an emotional perspective, we are being reminded that we are the decision makes (King of Cups). We are each in charge of, and responsible for, our own lives. We make informed decisions, have a very caring nature, and are learning to become more tolerant. We are able to give and receive advice in a diplomatic manner. We can keep our wits about us when we want to. However, the flip side of this King is someone who acts/reacts in a very childish manner. We have the choice of how we wish to express our emotions.

From a mental (intellectual) perspective, we are being asked to look at the big picture. This is a time of great internal stress and crisis. We may be out of work, or we may be afraid that our company is going under. We may want to consolidate bills, refinance a mortgage, or any number of other things, and are not quite sure how to go about it. Step back from the numbers, step back from the minute details, and look at the larger issues. Once we see the larger picture, we won’t be chasing our tails trying to treat symptoms and put out fires.

I look at the missing suits as the energy that we need to balance ourselves. In the case of this reading, we have water and emotions all over the place. We need the creativity of Fire, the decisive movement of Swords, and the groundedness of Pentacles. As individuals, we need to look to where we will find these missing qualities in our lives.      

Each week, we are going to hear from the voice of one of our oracle allies. This week we are visiting the I Ching cards (yes – the I Ching can be read from cards!). The voice that wants to speak is that of number 60 – Chieh (limitation, regulation, restraining). Progress is being made in all that you wish to achieve, but you are aware of the boundaries being imposed, for you yourself are setting those boundaries. The boundaries are meant to give form – not to limit progress. It is good to know when is the time to stop, and when is the time to act. Grow as a person by setting reachable goals that expand your personal boundaries.  

Next week we will be addressing the issue of staying in the present – stay tuned!

May your week be filled with joy and peace.

Best Wishes,

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