Personal Empowerment – How Our Thoughts Create Our Reality |

Personal Empowerment – How Our Thoughts Create Our Reality

6 May 2009

“I see my thoughts manifest in my life.”

mind powerThis week we are going to be looking at how our thoughts create our reality. When we think negative thoughts, we tend to draw an equally negative reality to us. When we think positive thoughts, we tend to draw an equally positive reality to us. Why is this?

Whether it is intentional or not, where we place our focus is the direction that we tend to go in, which creates the reality that we experience. Everything in our life begins as a thought, which is then manifested in our physical reality. What do you want your reality to be? Are you looking for peace, happiness, joy, success, abundance, positive relationships, a strong connection to your creative nature, for a deeper connection to the Divine? Whatever you want to manifest in your life is what you need to hold in your thoughts. When your thoughts wander – bring them back to what you wish to manifest in your life. An authentic, successful life is a journey. You need to be in charge of your own journey.

To be in charge of your journey, you need to align your mind (your thoughts) with your heart (your emotions/feelings). Our thoughts and our choices determine our reality. Our outer world is merely a reflection of our inner world. We perceive reality through our five senses – if our heart and mind are not in alignment, then we exist in a state of confusion, not being able to define our true purpose. If we cannot define our true purpose, then our choices, and our actions, are mixed, and our reality is not one of success and happiness.

One way in which this subject is being currently addressed is through the process of the Law of Attraction. Understanding how we create our own reality (and taking responsibility for creating that reality) is very important in this time of rapidly changing economy. We need to understand that our own choices, and our own actions, created our present, and are actively creating our future. There is an infinite amount of abundance in universe – where we place our attention, where we place our mental and physical energy, defines what we will draw to us.

We may often feel that this is not true – that we are very focused on what we want to ultimately manifest in our life, that our choices and actions are in alignment with our thoughts, but that the life that we want is not manifesting itself. I have always held the precept that things happen in their own time. Just because something does not come to me immediately does not mean that I need to place my focus elsewhere. Another thought here is that there is a time delay between the idea of what we want to manifest and the reality. This time delay is there for a reason – so that we can define our visions/dreams in depth, and fine-tune them as we gather information/wisdom about that which we wish to manifest. Our thoughts define what is, while our feelings/emotions are the source of energy that moves the manifestation into the physical world.
An important note here is the universe does not discriminate between positive and negative thoughts. A thought is a thought. If you are focused on having a piece of really good chocolate cake for dessert, that is what you will manifest. However, if you are on a diet, and focused on NOT having that piece of really good chocolate cake for dessert, well … that cake is still going to manifest!

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Another important note is that if you are focused on wanting something, you will manifest more opportunities for wanting, but you will not manifest whatever it is that you want. This leads us to one of the principle keys to manifestation, and that is that you need to believe that you already have what you want, and t hat you act accordingly. In one context, that could entail dressing for the position that you want to be in, and acting according to the requirements of that position.

At some point, each of us may be dealing with the mind-set that we don’t deserve what we want.  This is a serious challenge, because it sets up the internal belief that we really do not deserve something, and that if we get it, more than likely we will lose it. Every time this thought interrupts your focus, do not give in to the fear. (And this particular shadow is a fear.) Immediately replace this thought with the thought that “Yes, I do deserve that which I wish to manifest.” Then bring to mind success’s that you have had in the past. This is a continuing process – every time a negative thought comes up, you have to replace it. If you recognize where this thought came from, and it was not from you, then send it back to the person that planted it in your mind (i.e. mother, father, sibling, teacher, mentor, supervisor etc.). Just say “This is not my thought. It belongs to …, and needs to return to them.”

Take a deep breath, and have fun with the process of taking control of your thoughts, and your future.

Each week, we are going to hear from the voice of one of our oracle allies. This week we are visiting the Sacred Path Cards. The energy that wishes to speak to us is Sacred Space. We are being asked two things – to create a sacred space around us/within us, and to respect the sacred space of others (plant, animal, mineral – all things in Mother Earth’s world). We are being asked to honor that center within us that we go to in meditation and vision. We are being asked to define that which we will accept in our life, and that which we will not. And we are being asked to let others know how we define our sacred space, so that they can respect it. And we are being asked to be respectful of the sacred space of all things here on Mother Earth. How are you doing this in your life, on this day?

Next week we will be discussing how to get the most from your reading.

May your week be filled with joy and peace.

Best Wishes,

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