Ok...I know I am at risk of sounding like I have gone off the deep end here, but I am very perplexed by an experience I had the other night in my daughter's room. I am reading her a story and I look up at the chandelier and look directly at the bulb. I then look directly to the corner of the room, and I see a small floating light in the corner. At first, I think this is just the image of the bulb still in by brain, and I am not really seeing anything. However, the light continues, turns a bright pinkish red and begins to float towards us. When I move my eyes and try to focus, it goes away. When I look again in the corner, it is there again and begins to float towards us again. This continued for about 3-5 minutes. The same shape, the same movement. Then, it went away. I must say, before I ever looked at the light bulb, I had noticed, out of the corner of my eye, a small "pop" of white light that zipped near the chandelier. That is what had caused me to look there in the first place. Do I need the help of a good optometrist, a therapist, or a psychic who gets this?!!!