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Psychic readings overview:

My name is Patrick O’Donovan, and I am a Natural-born Intuitive Psychic, Clairvoyant, and Clairsentient. I often use Tarot, Numerology, and Astrology in my readings when appropriate. A psychic reading or consultation with me will provide specific and loving answers. I use my strengths and tools the way Grandma and Grandpa taught me, which was how their ancestors taught them.

What I provide you:

My most effective readings focus on love and relationships, career issues and job changes, the process of having more money in one's life. People feel better after talking to me; they are reassured by my accuracy and my deep, gentle voice. I am an excellent listener, and I am very committed to keeping each reading positive and exciting.

How my psychic readings are unique:

Should you stay or should you go?
Is he or she coming back?
What does this new lover in your life think about you?
When will you get a raise?

My psychic readings are direct and positive. My aim is to answer your specific questions and really work to give you your money’s worth. Your time is valuable.


6/25/2021 11:13:11 AM UTC
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Praise for Patrick O'Donovan

Reviews are a great way to find the advisor that's right for you. Here's what Patrick O'Donovan's happy clients have to say.

"Reconciliation "

10/25/2018 I spoke to Patrick on a person, from 3 years ago whom I can not get out of my thoughts on occasion. I get signs some faint some not faint at all. This being the 2nd time, he said I would be having an event coming. It has to do with Mark. Though a lot has happened in 3 years I guess the wonderment of it all does interest me. Feelings have changed of course. We will see if this truly comes to light.

- Fire of Aries

"I got the job!"

Great reader. Prediction came true. I got the job and was quite happy with the offer as Donavan predicted. Ironically timeframe was correct too. I did know I had it within a day or two as predicted but it was thru 2nd hand source. 😀 now to see if rest of his predictions pan out. I love Donavan very very reliable reader.

- all4hope

"Professional Patrick!"

Thank you Patrick for your awesome reading! I can always count on you to tell me what others might be intending to do or thinking. I really should call you my 'mind reading friend'! Thank you for being part of the circle of readers I choose to remain talking with. Your gift is exceptional, and perhaps one day my giftings will be like yours. Thank you for being there with your tremendous gift!

- Virgo Scruff

"consistant and never disspointing,"

He has always been consistent, picks up on people pretty quick, and he is one of my go to advisor as well.

- Dolly


I have been speaking with Patrick for years and he seems to be the only person who I can call in my moments of extreme stress and overwhelment. He is always kind, straightforward, polite, to the point and positive He has gotten me through the lowest points that have been my last five years and I cannot thank him enough for always reassuring me and putting things in a brighter perspective. speaking with him now and anytime is a true blessing!

- Kris1984

"always great to talk to"

Sorry Patrick, every time i call my signals drop after certain time. But I really appreciate you predictions and your positivity. He is hands down one of the best ones here. ALWAYS CONSISTENT!!

- Dolly

"It happened!"

I spoke to Patrick on 3/20, Tuesday about my friend. I had asked him when will I hear from him and he said before the weekend. Either Wednesday, Thursday or Friday but it will be before the weekend. I told Patrick I don’t believe that he will bc he’s a “knuckle head” lol . I don’t know why called him that. Patrick then said “a knuckle head that loves you.” ( I hope your remember our conversation Patrick) but anyways, My friend emailed me late Friday to give me his new number. I didn’t believe it would happen but it did. Thanks so much!

- Curious16

"Are you ready to hear the positive ..... Look no further..... YOU will find the positive, when you call Patrick."

I have talked to many psychic's, never before have I heard the POSITIVE from anyone else other then from Patrick. Don't waste your time calling anyone else, why would you want to hear the negative? You will end up manifesting THAT negative reading..... I am here to tell you Patrick is absolutely THE BEST.... he will tell you the positive, so get ready for the ultimate positive reading from Patrick.

- Jeannie

"Hands down the best"

He is great just little behind on the time but he is worth calling. Very consistent!!

- Dolly


I have been talking to Patrick for long time, his predictions are on point but in terms of his time frame is not on point. it is much later than he predicted.

- Dolly

"Super Gifted! "

Patrick is super gifted and easy to talk with. His predictions come to pass with regularity, and he offers fabulous insight. Highly recommend him!

- Venus in Libra

"waiting for now"

Patrick was very kind and nice to talk to. He answered my questions quite clearly. For now, I am waiting to see if his assessment comes to pass.

- Trip

"Very nice "

Patrick was very nice and very little information was needed. Patrick was also very thrifty with my time got right down to business and furthermore he gave a prediction that is supposed to happen this week he seemed really confident about the prediction coming to pass so if Tuesday his prediction comes through I will return and give five stars

- Breezenpalmtrees

"So Amazing!!"

After a few readings with Patrick, I feel more confident about what is to come in the future since what he has said happened so fast, I didn't even realize the prediction came true! He is so amazing. Patrick is worth every minute of your time.

- T.A.

"Patrick speaks to my soul"

My 1st reading with Patrick left me speechless as I didn't say a word and he gave me a snapshot of my life without me saying anything. He was so exact, it was if he were a fly on the wall of my life. He's an excellent listener, reader, and advisor. I will definitely call him back.

- T.A.


So good Patrick, I will be back there's more to go over and look into..So awesome on things you said that were amazing details. Really enjoyed our talk...Thank you

- Giddyup


Patrick picked up on EVERYTHING !! I barely even asked him a question !! He is precise and spot on everytime I call him !! Thanks so much again for a great insightful reading Patrick !

- CJ

"Right on Target"

I recently had a conversation with Patrick about my dog, he told me she knew how to get out of the yard.... there was a small hole in the bottom of the fence which I knew about, I thought there was no way she could get fit through that small of an opening.. A few days go, while looking out the window I saw her out in the street.... I was shocked and wondered how did she get out again? When she returned to the house I seen her slither down through that small opening at the bottom of the fence. Once again Patrick is right on target!!

- Alaska..... !

"I simply love Patrick."

Patrick is friendly, caring, and a great listener. I feel really connect as his predictions are point on. I lost my job today and all I want and need is to speak with Patrick.

- krolbarreto



- jodine


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