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About Dianne
Wise beyond her years, Dianne is a very upbeat and accurate psychic who has been giving psychic readings for approximately 10 years. However she has known that she was gifted from a very early age. This gift was passed on to her from a strong lineage of extremely gifted clairvoyants, allowing her to be ready and able to assist you in all areas of concern. 

Dianne is clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient and works with all types of relationships, whether romantic, platonic or casual.

To aid her readings, Dianne uses the Tarot, Angel Cards and Pendulum. She will read with or without a question, but prefers that you start off by providing her with the troubling issue that made you call in the first place, so that she can immediately focus her energy in the right area. She will also converse with your angels and spirit guides to give you a more definitive response. She is quick to provide the information you are seeking and does not judge or discriminate.  

Dianne's readings are always honest with a strong dose of kindness and compassion. 


6/25/2021 11:12:37 AM UTC
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Praise for Dianne

Reviews are a great way to find the advisor that's right for you. Here's what Dianne's happy clients have to say.

"Amazing Reading Dianne!!!!"

Thank for another amazing reading Dianne! Thank you for always being on point, so clear with your insight and a professional. You are so gifted and always answer my questions too. I appreciate your help every time. Earthy Angel

- Earthy Angel

"Good reading "

Timing didn't work out this time but she's still great to talk to. Very accurate when it comes to people and their feelings.

- Mistressleia

"Another 5 Star Reading!!"

Thank you Dianne for another 5 star reading!!!! You were on point, clear, direct and caring as always with your predictions, timeframes and insight. Look forward to my next reading soon. God Bless You! Earthy Angel

- Earthy Angel

"Good reading"

Predicted in Dec that my man would open up a lot between 1/1-1/5 and that he might even discuss marriage before Feb, and it actually occurred during the time frame she said.

- Mistressleia


Told me that although my man was being a little distant, that is was a good idea to reach out to him as he needed to hear from me. I followed her advice and it went the way she described.

- Mistressleia

"Quick and to the point as always"

Title says it all. She's professional, quick and to the point.

- Mistressleia


Great reading, quick and to the point.

- Mistressleia


I can't wait to see the outcome of this...thank you!

- Tauras

"Good first reading with her"

Good reading, accurate in describing my man with just his name. Did not even need his date of birth. Will call back

- Mistressleia

"Quick and to the point "

Second time I've spoken with Dianne and she was very quick to tune, was compassionate and did not waste my time. Not sure if she remembered me from my previous call but I was happy that she made the same timing prediction as before. Is along the same lines as my regular advisors so hopefully everything comes to pass. Would definitely call back

- Mistressleia


Detailed and fast! She got to the heart of everything and laid it out in a clean and precise way. Really in tune and accurately described what/who I called about! Dianne is an excellent reader:).

- Belove


Dianne is great! Super straight-forward, honest and provides lots of info in a short amount of time. Fantastic reading!

- A.


So happy to have the pleasure to have a reading with Dianne. I will definitely be calling her again in the future!

- Cali Gal


Dianne is a true professional. She is quick, on point and seems to be very accurate. I will call her again!

- Gypsette

"Great! "

Super quick and to the point. Great reading!

- Lone Star

"5 Star Reading Thank You Dianne!"

My first reading with Dianne was 5 Stars. She is a very gifted psychic with a caring professional style. She quickly gave me clarity, insight, predictions, time frames and answered my questions. Thanks so much and can't wait for my next reading in the future Dianne! Earthy Angel

- Earthy Angel


Dianne was great! Quick and to the point. Very insightful. Predictions were similar to what others have said about my situation. Will definitely call her again!

- Golden Girl


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