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Marguerite, a Native American has been dispensing spiritual advice for 40 years. Marguerite provides a wide range of psychic services including card readings, clairvoyant and mediumistic readings, contact with those who have passed on, and past-life readings. She answers questions covering a variety of categories, but her specialty is love and relationships. She is educated and knowledgeable, with a no-nonsense style. She cares about her clients and their well being, striving always to provide hope as well as concrete answers.


11/21/2019 8:18:04 AM UTC
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Praise for Marguerite

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Very nice lady to talk to, would definitly come back to talk to her, seemed pretty confident with her answers and reading, hope it all pans out, thanks so much margurite.

- Anonymous


Pretty well understood reading, not sure about how accurate yet, but she seemed very confident, very nice person, and very easy to talk with, and have a reading with.

- Anonymous


- Anonymous


Wonderful, accurate reading. Marguerite is easy to connect with and relate to. She is not arrogant, and you will not have to pay for the "privilege" of hearing about how "special" or "gifted she is". She certainly does have an amazing gift for reading, but she conducted the session with professionalism and humility. She kept the reading on track and about my situation. She used one personal example that was quick and it was directly to the point , got to the heart of the matter. This was not a random example but was exactly on point, made a powerful illustration that I could relate with. The reading was on track, helpful and insightful. I gave her very little information about myself or the situation and she picked right up on it and gave details she had no way of knowing about. Marguerite was pleasant and respectful to me and my questions. I would certainly recommend her and will be consulting Marguerite again in the future.

- Anonymous

"Verry Good!!!"

She was very right on my situation and gave me great advice. Her reading was amazing and I highly reccomend her

- Vegas

"vera luce"

What a lovely and wonderful person you are. I truly appreciate all the insight and advises. I wish the site will have 100/1000 stars to give you. Big Hug - MG

- maruzza

"luce vera"

210? is not too bad; Sorry If I sounded really down yesterday; I have been very disappointed about the Appr. amount, but I do Know that God will send the right buyer soon, Hugs and Blessings, Maria

- maruzza


Always the best in accurancy and details + a very pleasent voice to speak to. One millionn of thanks and blessings; MG

- Kayla


You are unbelievable wonderful and detaided. I pray that who ever needs a correct answer will give you a call. One million stars for you always.

- anonymous

"luce vera"

One million thanks for the great reading and advice; The more I get to talk to you, the more I feel our connection becoming stronger. You are a wonderful psychic and your prediction are just amazing. I'll keep in touch. Love and blessings, Maria

- marga

"luce vera"

I spoke to Marguerita again and she is just stunning. I just feel the connection very strong when I talk to her. Her voice is just so calm and deep. Allthough I only spoke to her twice, it feels like she has known me for ever. She picks on my deep fear because I express them and her reassuring is a true balm to my spirit. Please, give her a call; you will not regreat it. Love and blessings, Maria

- Maruzza

"Margarite was excellent"

My reading with Margarite was excellent. It was almost exactly the same as a reading I had done 6 months ago with another reader, except now it is 6 months closer to happening. I will be calling this reader again.

- Joan

"luce vera"

You were absolutely wonderful; I loved your stile, your voice, your promptmess and also the deph of reading details. I highly raccomand you for accurancy and kindness. I also love your name which was my Mom name and now is my Daughter. I will call you back with the outcoming, meanwhile I am living open door to all of you who needs sincere clarification. Many Blessings, Maria

- maria

"Very Caring"

I had a reading with Marguerite and thought she was very kind and had great intuition. She used cards in the reading, which were right on and what she said really applied to my situation. She is a genuine person, and really has a very down to earth, genuine quality about her.

- Ali

"A great reading and worth the call"

I got a great reading from Marguerite for the first time yesterday and I was very happy that I called when I did. She gave me good, sound advice and was non judgmental. I felt like she truly cared. I will definitely call her again and I highly recommend her.

- Mo Jo


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