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About Samantha

Samantha is a psychic who knew as a child that there was something in her that distinguished her from others her age. She realized that she had an innate sense of feeling and seeing things and events which others could not.

She believes that she has inherited these metaphysical capabilities from her mother and maternal grandmother. When she was hardly 5, her mother knew that she was gifted because she used to talk about people who had passed away long before she was born. She could also foretell incidents that happened in future.

Subsequently she went to her grandmother to learn how to control her abilities and how to fine tune them. It was her grandmother who taught her how to make use of Tarot cards to get more accuracy in her predictions. Her grandmother left her pendulum with Samantha which she still continues to use on demand of her clients.


Blessed with clairvoyance and medium, Samantha has helped a number of her clients to surface from the drowning waters in their lives. The accuracy and straight forwardness of her readings has enabled her to build a huge clientele. The kind compassion that she displays towards her clients makes them feel naturally comfortable with her and reinforces confidence in her readings.

Samantha is always striving for more knowledge and ways to help her clients, consequently pursuing further learning in the area of runes and crystal balls, now giving her clients multiple reading styles to choose from. 

A Success Story

Samantha shares an interesting anecdote about a client who had lost her home and was heartbroken at her divorce. When she approached Samantha for a reading, Samantha saw a man coming into her life and she relocating to some other state with him. A year later, she met a man at the local farmer’s market and moved to Colorado within six months of marrying him. 


At a very young age the ideal of helping others was imbibed in her. She believes that she is carrying on the same legacy of helping others that her past generations have nurtured. She loves to help others, spend time with kids and ski. She is also fond of exploring new places. She treats her clients like family members and reads for them with all her heart and might, to provide them the answers to their questions. She works part time at a metaphysical bookstore in her state and also works as an administrator at a medical clinic, which is yet another way of helping others. 

Her Philosophy

She lives by the philosophy that “Life is a wonderful experience of finding the missing puzzle piece”. Her reading style is relaxed and she aims at letting her clients find the missing pieces of puzzle in their lives. She firmly believes that all human beings are destined to have happy and fulfilling lives and all that we need to do is find the path to happiness through somebody’s guidance.

She propagates that there is nothing in life that can deter people from achieving the goal that they set out for. All that is required is perseverance and guidance. She stands by the famous quote by Walt Disney “If you can dream it, you can do it.”

Quote: “ Life is a wonderful experience but we all need guidance to help us find our missing puzzle pieces in life."


11/23/2020 7:44:46 PM UTC
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Praise for Samantha

Reviews are a great way to find the advisor that's right for you. Here's what Samantha's happy clients have to say.

"She actually CARES..."

Towards the end of my reading, Samantha advised me to be mindful of a few things in the up coming days. Whenever she has given me these mindful tidbits of being aware, I am always prepared and not caught off guard. She knows my sensitivities and truly cares. Thank you Samantha!

- tinyangel

"Her accuracy is insane"

Just before Halloween, after speaking to a few advisors - most said an event WILL happen on Thanksgiving weekend. 2 advisors went as far as saying it'd happen ON Thanksgiving. One advisor said it COULD happen but she was leaning towards a 'no'. Samantha said that it will NOT happen and explained why. Thanksgiving came and went and while it COULD have happened, it did NOT. Samantha's straightforward truth makes me love her even more. With the odds against her in the amount of yes and no's I got - Her accuracy is insane. If you want TRUTH - go to Samantha. ~tinyangel

- tinyangel

"She’s just so amazing"

After answering my specific questions, Samantha asked if I owned a specific colored clothing item because it came up as a having a big effect on my man. NO ONE knew I had this item (except God). She’s just so amazing. She basically answered a question I forgot to ask which was if he’d like it. ~tinyangel

- tinyangel

"Once again, Samantha hits the nail on the head with precision"

After wondering what was going on with a strange posting on social media, Samantha explained WHEN those details took place. When I spoke to someone in that pic, they confirmed in that conversation what Samantha had said without me asking. Once again, Samantha hits the nail on the head with precision. ~tinyangel

- tinyangel

"Samantha is the real deal"

While some advisors are always in the “future” tense, Samantha always gives you present tense on what’s going in NOW & the effects it can have in the future. This reading is much more accurate than some who are always in the future with “hopeful” and “could be” readings that can change. Samantha is the real deal. ~tinyangel

- tinyangel

"waiting for events..? maybe..."

Samantha, i don't know if I want to go further with the new young one. maybe he also has some reserves.. but you're right that we have a lot in common. today so far neither of us talked to the other. will let you know if he makes a move again :) ..but I don't know if I should keep being friendly. I need your help again.

- vaganova

"waiting for events..? maybe..."

Samantha, i don't know if I want to go further with the new young one. maybe he also has some reserves.. but you're right that we have a lot in common. today so far neither of us talked to the other. will let you know if he makes a move again :) ..but I don't know if I should keep being friendly. I need your help again.

- vaganova

"couldn't log in"

sorry, Samantha, I couldn't log in for a while.. and when I did, the call records didn't come up. I thank the nice lady at customer service for her help in fixing the problem. you perfectly described the young and old guys around me ;) thanks xxx

- vaganova

"My Very Best"

I've tried many advisors. A popular advisor at another line said the same conclusions as Samantha for some of my issues, but the other advisor took triple the amount of money, and was not as quick in reading anything...

- SammysFan

"Extremely Good"

I didn't give ANY information beforehand on how my man and I were doing, and Samantha struck the center of the matter again! She said he felt secure ^ ^ Yay! We were getting along perfectly for many days in a row when I called (11/10/2017).

- *libra*rising

"Love her"

Love her

- Danni

"Accuracy with details"

Once again Samantha's accuracy with details is insane. The details of things she read weeks ago are starting to pop up one by one. I keep having deja vu type of moments I call "Samantha moments"... Thanks again for such precise guidance. Life is a lot less stressful thanks to you... -tinyangel

- tinyangel

"Samantha rocks!"

Samantha is like the loving & WISE sister I never had. I called very upset about something that happened and even though in my heart I knew things would be ok, she helped me calm down and assured me things were indeed even better than ok. After her reading, I felt it my gut that she gave me a universal truth about my situation and I felt very confident despite what had happened. Now, everything is happening according to her reading. Samantha rocks! <3

- tinyangel


Samantha not only gave a time frame with a specific reading, she also gave details on what would happen just beforehand. Low and behold – THINGS are surely happening. She is so gifted. Her clairvoyant ability is incredible. -tinyangel

- tinyangel

"Big on details!"

I have had readings with Samantha for a few weeks now and EVERYTHING she says comes out to the detail. She is big on details and has precision like no other advisor I have dealt with. She always tells you the truth no matter what and has a very loving demeanor when giving sound advice. -tinyangel

- tinyangel


I called Samantha after speaking with Rain a few days ago. They both saw the same thing for me. I had goosepimples all over! She gave me hope and validated me hopes for my relationship. Thank you Samantha!

- Babykins


She seem very genuine and makes you feel very confident .

- Tyrus

"symmetry and precision"

Samantha can look into your soul and tell you exactly what is going on. She has been able to look into and provide such accurate details on what is going on in my life that I cannot doubt her at all. I had a dream with a specific date in mind and asked her if she picked up on a date and SHE DID. She said the exact same date I had in my dream! With Samantha, you will get symmetry and precision in the readings.

- tinyangel

"more ACCURATE than other advisors I spoke to."

I spoke to Samantha (ext 1193) a few times this week. Her ENTIRE readings were so exact to my situation, thoughts, feelings, and more ACCURATE than the other advisors I spoke to. Samantha answered questions I had not gotten to ask yet. She is very accurate with timelines. She gives you the TRUTH. If you want answers - she is the person to go to. ~tinyangel

- tinyangel

"just so accurate"

i asked two other psychics (of which one is my family) if my man had thoughts of leaving me, moving on.. just like Samantha, they both said absolutely no.. it's months after Samantha's reading. his attitude proves this! whenever i try a new reader, i can see if the reader is real by asking what i've asked Samantha.

- vaganova


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